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  • Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 16:38:27 +0100

Hi All,

We must have all done something that we think of as brave or adventurous for a 
blind person and felt proud of yourself after. Here are mine.

First one was having the nerve to  get on and ride a camel. This camel was 
about ten feet tall and I was just standing there listening to everyone else 
riding this camel when I was picked up off my feet and this little Israeli guy 
put me on the camels hump and said to   me, Hold tight , you have ride . I 
threw my arms round the hump and held on for grim death. When we came back the 
camel knelt down at the front end and I nearly went flying over its head. But I 
was glad after that I had done it.

Another time we went to a friends house in the countryside with lots of very 
narrow lanes. We were having a barbecue  and some bike riders came with big 
Harley Davis motor bikes. They took us on the back of the pillion seat and of I 
went. It was scary because you didn't see the bends coming so you weren't ready 
to go with the bike. We reached 100 miles an hour in places. I was glad to get 
off but again I was glad I did it.

This time I was on the beach in Tenerife  on holiday. This woman asked me to 
have a go at Para gliding. What's that I asked, She said you get in this 
harness with my son and its attached to a motor boat out there in the sea.
Then the boat starts moving and you go 300 feet up in the air and fly. OK I 
said. lets go. Up up and away. as we got up to 300 feet my blooming harness 
came undone . I spent the next 10 to 20 minutes hanging on to ropes. But again 
I can say I've done it. Felt very proud of myself.

This one most blind people wont do. I like swimming on my own in the sea. I do 
have someone swimming near me for safety. But I love it.

So, has anyone else have any stories to tell.

love Malcolm.
love Malcolm. xxxx.

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