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Did everyone see this?

Here is the actual bill:

It hasn't been voted on.


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*Superintendent Woods Releases Statement on Age of Eligibility Legislation*

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*January 28, 2015 – *State School Superintendent Richard Woods’ statement
regarding House Bill 100

“I wholeheartedly support House Bill 100,” said Superintendent Woods.
“Since most schools now start before September 1, we have many students
starting kindergarten far too young. Some younger students, especially
four-year-olds, are not developmentally ready for kindergarten. Oftentimes
their presence in a classroom requires teachers to provide pre-kindergarten
services to the disadvantage of the older students who are ready to learn
at the kindergarten level and achieve the high academic standards we have
in Georgia.”

State Board of Education Chair Helen Rice added, “I believe moving the age
of eligibility for kindergarten back will have a positive impact on student
achievement. The lack of kindergarten readiness of late four-year-olds and
early five-year-olds is exacerbated by the fact that many of these children
have had no prior school experience. The more time they have to mature
before starting kindergarten the better.”

Superintendent Woods first proposed this issue during his campaign. He
reiterated his commitment to the idea of advancing the cutoff date for
kindergarten registration when he spoke to the Georgia School Boards
Association in early December.

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