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Thanks for sharing!

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In case, you didn’t receive the email regarding GOFAR.

Denise Epperson
Administrative Technology
Griffin – Spalding County Schools
770-229-3710 x 315

FYI – GOFAR is now available to teachers, administrators, and CO staff in GSCS. 
 Access by logging in to IC, click the SLDS link, and then click the “GOFAR” 
tab in SLDS.

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Subject: GOFAR

Good evening, You may have already heard the below GOFAR news… Earlier today, 
someone at your system should have received the below email from the Assessment 
& Accountability office. Unfortunately, I am not sure who from your system 
might have received the email. Since your system is on the list of the first 
"wave" of systems getting access to GOFAR, I thought I would alert you.

Hubert Bennett, PhD
Implementation & Training Coordinator (LDS)
Georgia Dept of Education
1962 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE
Atlanta, GA  30334
(404) 576-2415 - Cell
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From: Anthony Eitel <AEitel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:AEitel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
Date: November 13, 2014 at 2:50:43 PM EST
Subject: Georgia Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR) Launch Notice
(Courtesy Copy),

We are pleased to share with you that your district’s access to the Georgia 
Online Formative Assessment Resource (GOFAR) will be available beginning 
Friday, November 14, 2014.

Please note that system-level and school-level users may access GOFAR through 
the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS).  The student website may be 
accessed at https://gofar.gadoe.org/GOFARWeb.

As you may recall, we discussed GOFAR in both our Fall Assessment Conference 
General Sessions in August 2014 and again during introductory webinars 
conducted in early October 2014.  As discussed in these presentations, teachers 
and administrators may use GOFAR to develop formative and benchmark assessments 
aligned to the state-adopted content standards to assist in informing 
instruction.  GOFAR is available through the Statewide Longitudinal Data System 
(SLDS).  We believe your schools will find it a helpful tool in support of 
their instructional efforts.

It is important to share that we will continue loading remaining test items in 
the weeks following this launch.  As a result, you will see the item bank 
continue to grow.  Once these final loads are complete, the GaDOE Benchmarks 
and Framework Assessments will become available in GOFAR just as they are now 
in the Georgia Online Assessment System (OAS).  Additionally, “generic” student 
tests – like those currently available through OAS – will be deployed through 
GOFAR in the coming weeks as well.  While the OAS will remain fully available 
for your use through June 30, 2015, your district should plan to utilize GOFAR 
to some degree this year so that your staff and students are acquainted with 
this tool as you approach the 2015-2016 school year.  The OAS will no longer be 
available after June 2015.

Please note that we continue to seek feedback on GOFAR so that we can provide 
your schools and your students the best user experience.  To that end, you will 
find a feedback form posted at 
  Please return any feedback using that form by sending it to: 

User documentation has been developed to assist in the use of GOFAR.  The 
following items can be found at:  

•         User Guide

•         Quick Start Guides

•         GOFAR Introductory Webinar (October 2014)


•         Users may contact the GaDOE Help Desk at (800) 869-1011; 


•         Users may contact Michael Huneke (404) 232-1208 or toll-free at (800) 
634-4106; mhuneke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:mhuneke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Thank you!

- Tony


Anthony (Tony) Eitel
Director, Assessment Administration
Assessment & Accountability
Georgia Department of Education
1554 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Drive, SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
(404) 656-0478 (Voice)
(800) 634-4106 (Voice - Toll Free)
(770) 359-1378 (Fax)

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