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  • Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 01:25:29 +0000


The 2015 GSIS Registration site is open. I need for as many of you as possible 
to go ahead and register and let me know what I have missed. The links are 
live, so if someone stumbled on it they could register. I wouldn't expect too 
many people would get there before we are ready.

I am handling free registrations a little differently this year. Each of us on 
the board can enter a discount code of GSISBoard (I believe it is 
case-sensitive) which will change your cost to 0. Please do not share this with 
anyone. I also created codes for Presenters (2+ sessions) and Vendor (2nd 
Meal). I will handle changing registrations for Presenters and Vendors as 

Also, I incorporated the Presenter requests into the registration form. Every 
attendee must answer the question with either a yes or no as a Presenter. Right 
now, I don't want to give them a Maybe option, but I could. If any of you are 
planning to present a session, please also fill that out and help me know 
whether I have missed anything.

I have also updated the website with the new registration information and the 
new board assignments. All of these pictures were either left over from the old 
website 3+ years ago, or stolen from Facebook. If you would like a different 
picture, please email me one. I have tried a number of times to get these 
pictures to all be the same size, but because the source pictures were all 
different sizes, I cannot seem to get them just right.

Priscilla - There are a number of references to contacts both at the Convention 
Center and the Westin. Please let me know if any of that information needs to 

In the last couple of months before the last conference, I had my hands full 
trying to answer registration questions as well as vendor questions. In 
response, I added a separate link for vendors to contact Debra directly. I need 
to know who that will be if it is not Debra.

Carolyn - Your name is listed as the contact for supplies to be shipped to. Let 
me know if that needs to change.

Flora - As you develop the newsletter, see if you can add this QR code. 
?[cid:b8df9c3f-41a4-4247-9349-a940f8b9cb36]This should allow you to register 
from your smartphone.

I hope you are all have a restful 3-day weekend.


Anna Tarleton
Database Administrator
Clayton County Public Schools
1380 Arnold St.
Jonesboro, GA 30236
770-473-2774 Fax 770-473-6175

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