[groupi] savelib

  • From: Rishabh Thukral <thukrr01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <groupi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 20:26:37 +0800

 Okay here's the revised savelib and teh schema and a sample file once

It now stores  all the generic detail elements, just pass the values
to the detail struct first. The InsertSite method now takes the
detail struct as an argument, I tried building the project but it
breaks at line 335 in the siteedit.cs file, I reckon you just need to
pass another argument to the method but I don't wanna do it cuz I'm
scared,plus when I did try it took me into the GUI which is just not
my turf >.<
There was an issue with the artefacts not getting stored in the xml,
that was just a bug in the savelib cuz the artefact element was
missing.  >.>
Also there is a method called getotherstring, or something like that
which now helps to get the other string :).

Most of these things work with Kias side, just check and let me know
if setting the other fields is being a pain,

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On Mon  5/10/09  7:20 AM , Beau  wrote:

Also is there a function for getting/setting the most general site's 
 I believe there was also a bug in savelib, which caused it to crash
if i 
 tried to set any of  the "other" fields.
 Rishabh Thukral wrote:
 > modified savelib.cs, contains functions to add features and
 > I've only modified Beau's code for boundary points and
 > if somebody could try and use them and check if they work or
 > they break its probably a problem with the Xpaths, but instead of 
 > 'Fail'ing it, lemme know and I'll try to get it to work towards a 
 > major 'Win'.
 > p.s. also attaching the slightly modified xml, feature now has a 
 > number element in it, using panelid within panel to identify
 > uniquely.

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