[groupi] Re: Update on Deliverable C Tasks PLEASE READ

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 07:47:27 +0800

Lorin, I just got the email you sent to my email account only. Cool. On that
note, Beau I sent my timesheet to your student email too. So hope you got



I'm going to see if I have free time at work to work on this darn


Ok I'm not checking this email until arvo. Anything urgent email


Cool thanks.



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So you haven't received my troubleshooting section?! I emailed it last


I'll send it again, but this time to your actual student account, not the
group. If it doesnt go through, I might need to use your work email. Which
is what?



On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 5:56 AM, Michelle Le <lem04@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey guys,


This is taking longer than expected and I'm running a bit behind schedule as
I also had to work on my Management Assignment.

But I've got most of the Acceptance Test Report done, and here's an update:


-          Michelle:

o   Test Report. I'm only getting to this bit now, and will work on it for
the next hour or so before I have to get ready for work. =(

1.       Rishabh, Lorin, I will need the short summary for the XML testing
and the GPS testing to be sent before tonight so that I can finish this

2.       Rishabh, I also need the "Known Issues" and "Future
Extensions/Developments" from you. Lorin, we talked about it today but I
actually can't remember exactly what the headings were and where to put it.
Can you confirm if these sections are meant for the Test Report or the
Acceptance Test Report, as I am not sure. If not, I'll assume it's for this
Test Report, just so that it can make up the page count.

o   Acceptance Test Report. The draft is attached. Hope it's ok. Could you
guys read through it and give me some feedback? And also if there's any
content that isn't consistent or typos/grammar errors that Spell-check
doesn't pick up.

1.       Xiaohang. I got your email about the "Feedback and Main Problems",
I'll add it to the "Results Overview" section later.

o   Copy of all the surveys and to email it to Beau to send to clients. Yep,
bringing it to work later and will send you a PDF copy Beau.

o   User Manual. Waiting on the troubleshoot sections.

1.       Lorin, Beau, can you please send it to me as early as you can. So
by the time I get home, I can work on it. (If you have nothing to add, just
let me know).

2.       Kia I got your email. I will add in your bit today.

3.       I've attached the User Manual version that we used in the
Acceptance Test. I don't think the email sent through the first time round
when I sent it to you guys. So if someone wants to have a quick review, and
let me know if anything needs to be added/edited/deleted. Beau, do you know
what spelling errors the clients were referring to? I assume it might by
typos that the Spell-check doesn't pick up, and I really don't have time to
read through it until I get everything else done.

4.       Lorin. Yes I got the photos. I will change the photo in the front
page tonight.

o   Field Manual. Hopefully if I can finish the User Manual early, all I
have to do is change page size, and copy and paste over all the Aiku Mobile
Application bits from the manual. So really no content needs to be changed.


That's it. Only another day left to go!!!




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