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  • Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 12:04:43 +0800

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  • From: Beau Trepp <treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Howdy all again.

Okay if you want to use it under windows. (you can all play freely), my code has been commited. Try to use this as a base. Anyone making an archer-lib, make it so it exists nicely inside that source dir etc. If you are really clever you could make your lib it's own project/solution, and have it link in with the GUI in archer.

eg trunk/archer = GUI, trunk/gpscomm=lib. etc etc.

If you've never used svn etc, your best of using Tortoise SVN in windows (if you don't mind it's invasive-ness), it integrates with the explorer shell, making it easy to use... but probably annoying if you don't plan to use SVN again.


1)Download and Install Tortoise SVN
2)Open an explorer window where you want the source to go.
3) Right-click
4) SVN-Checkout.
5) the repo address is..

svn checkout svn+ssh://*CSSEUSERNAME*@cits3200i.csse.uwa.edu.au/mnt/data/cits3200/cits3200i/source/Windows/trunk svn checkout svn+ssh://*CSSEUSERNAME*@cits3200i.csse.uwa.edu.au/mnt/data/cits3200/cits3200i/source/Archer/trunk

Then you'll checkout your stuff.

If you've made some changes, you can then right click the folder and go SVN-Commit, it will ask you about files etc, (you might need to check new files to import them into the svn repo).

It will ask you for your password each time this way. and PS. be careful about doing too many actions at once, the SSH servers at uwa have some thing about lots of quick SSH connections.

Beau wrote:
So after awhile i figured out the bastard lecturer bascially gave us a SVN setup that NO-ONE had permission to commit to (i don't even think the SVN daemon was able to write to it... :S).

I made a new SVN repo at /source/ as opposed to /svn/

So for example to checkout (under linux, adapt for windows).

svn checkout svn+ssh://treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/mnt/data/cits3200/cits3200i/source/Windows/trunk ./Windows/

That will checkout the current revision of the Windows component (empty as of writing), and put it in a folder named Windows in your CWD.

Atm i'm about to commit a basic GUI. So please don't commit anything into Archer until i say it is okay. I will send another email about how to get the dev environment up and running for the archer.

If someone could try and commit something into the Windows Project it would be nice, as i'm not sure if anyone else has write access as of this time, if you can't ill need to play with it.


Lorin Tauss wrote:

well, yeah, that made an empty folder called trunk in my home directory... How do I add a file to the repository.

I tried svn ci ./test.txt , but it seems test.txt has to be in the version control system already.



On Wed 26/08/09 11:28 , Beau <treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    This is what works on my laptop.

    svn co
<parse.php?redirect=ssh://treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/mnt/data/cits3200/cits3200i/svn/trunk/>treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <javascript:top.opencompose('treppb01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx','','','1')>/mnt/data/cits3200/cits3200i/svn/trunk/

    However it's still abit strange, it seems uwa doesn't like you doing
    that too much, so now it just hangs there.

    Beau wrote:
    > howdy,
    > could you tell me what adress you are using to checkout?
    > svn checkout http://cits3200i.csse.uwa.edu/svn/trunk
target="_blank">http://cits3200i.csse.uwa.edu/svn/trunk etc all fail.
    > I've tried mixing this up a billion ways.
    > Lorin Tauss wrote:
    >> Hi Everyone....
    >> I tried to check in my file to the svn, but I couldnt work it
    out at
    >> all. Theres no way to do it through the trac interface is there?
    >> I tried to do it over PuTTY, but failed pretty dismally..... even
>> created a project directory and stuff like it says in the tutorial.
    >> Has anyone else had a problem? Any ideas? Am I just being a
    total noob?
    >> Cheers,
    >> Lorin

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