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Thanks Darren for the info.  I will give that a try when I am over there
next.  I tried some options with gpresult yesterday but couldn't get the
/z switch to work.  But it seems to be working today.  Maybe I had \
instead of /






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Unfortunately, this is really tough to do. There's no export capability
on the local GPO. The best you can hope for is, if you don't have any
domain-based GPOs applying to these computers, then you can do an RSOP
report against each machine, perhaps using gpresult.exe with the /z
option. Then you can take the output of those reports and use that to do
your comparisons. The thing to keep in mind would be that the local
security settings will not be reported reliably in many cases, because
they do not generate RSOP data. 


Not a great answer but depending upon what you need to compare, you can
probably get part-way there.





Darren Mar-Elia

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I am needing a way to view and print for comparison's sake the enabled
and disabled polices on the local workstation (XP Pro SP3).  I have
entered local policies using gpedit.msc.  


Just wanting to make sure I have the same polices on different machines.




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