[gptalk] Re: Windows firewall Policy Turns on when Disabled in GPO

  • From: "Tim Bolton" <jsclmedave@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2006 12:51:41 -0600

I wanted to ask as well, if you have any third party firewalls running
that may be turning it on after a reboot which may be over riding the

Also, is there any other GPs running that may be over riding the GP
that turns it off, perhaps you need to change the order.

Just a thought...


On 12/12/06, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would make sure that the policy is actually being delivered to your
machines as expected. Check GP Results on one of those machines and then
check the underlying reg value.

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I am curious why the windows firewall is turnng on in my winxp sp2 machines
when i have it disabled via group policy. Sratching head..

Domain is win2k3 Native

I do not have any admin over rides in place
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