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Hi Darren,
Just checked and the Fast Logon is not configured either way, and all these 
cleints are Vista. I will test with it enabled.
The strange thing is that if the user has logged in and the local profile has 
been created the 2nd time they login the shortcuts could be there and then just 
Was trying to use GPLogView to see if I could see anything in there, but that 
just said that the shortcuts had been applied. Which they hadn't that time.

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        I think what is happening there is that you are seeing a timing issue.  
The error code shown in that report corresponds to "the system cannot find the 
file specified" which to me probably means that DFS path you are pointing to is 
not being resolved at logon the way it should. Do you have Fast Logon 
Optimization still enabled on your clients?






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        I have an All Users - Policy were I set all the shortcuts for my users 
but at the next level I have an Auto logon OU were my users are placed.


        OU -All Users

            GPO - All- Users - Policy { Shortcuts set via preferences}

            OU-Autologon {users placed in this OU}

                GPO - Autologon - users - Policy


        Shortcut Preference 






        With Item level targeting to an AD group


        When the user logs on most of the time the shortcuts are there but some 
times they do not appear in the menu.


        If you do a GPS you get the following :





        but sometimes they apear shortly after the user has logged in but 
sometimes they do not apear until a restart and login is preformed.


        Has any one experianced similiar issues.


        I think if I used the create it may help but I was homing to have the 
ability to remove the user from an AD group to remove access to the particular 




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