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If you implement redirection, the goal is not to replicate locally, whatever
it?s offline engine or inside the profile.


Redirected folder are not available offline by default, as it?s opposed to
its meaning.


Moreover, many stupid applications try to do ..\ to get inside application
data, which doesn?t work when redirected.


So we implemented quota through GPO, and stopped redirected folder, except
for My Documents.




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If you implement Offline files/folders correctly, the desktop should never


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I have a general question for the group. I am still slowly going over the
implemented GPs that the agency that I work for now has implemented. They
started to redirect Mydocs to a network share for everyone based on their
department which appears to work fine. 


I occasionally see an event log error about it not working as I go through
workstations. But thats not the current issue. I am trying to get user
profiles down in size. Some people (and I am guilty sometimes). Store stuff
on their desktop which bloats that up. 


Also, App Data can also become big. So to try and streamline the User
profiles for quicker log ins, etc. I started to look at redirecting the
Desktop. I set up a GP for myself (only person in my own Testing OU). It
appears to work for the most part. The post/thread about the wallpaper made
me think of this. I have had times where it appears that my machines looses
its network connection (or so it appears) and all of the sudden my desktop
"disappears" and the icons leave except normally for the main few (my
computer, network connections, etc). 


I know that I need to figure out why the network connection dies, but
besides that is there anything else that I should be looking at. Maybe
something I did wrong with the GP. I am afraid to try and toss this out for
the Agency and have desktops start disappearing.....


Thanks for any comments you can give. 





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