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Yes, its not altogether intuitive with respect to the registry/rsop
versions. But here is how it works. That number, 3997757, converts to
003d003d in hex. That's 4 bytes of data. Each two bytes represents the
number of revisions found in the GPT and GPC, for that GPO, on the DC used
for GP processing by that cllient. 0x3d = 61 in decimal so 61 revisions
found for both the GPT and GPC, for that GPO, on that DC, for that client.


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I think understand a little on how GPO versioning works with GPC/GPT each
having there own version etc. Can someone make some sense of how the
versions are stored between RSOP, GPT.INI, Registry and AD Container? 


            For example I have a Default Domain Policy

            GMPC Version: User/Computer 1/71

            GPT.INI Version: 65607

            RSOP Version: 3997757

            Registry History
Policy\History): 3997757


I understand the GPMC and GPT, but the Registry/RSOP ones are confusing me,
I am figuring there is some binary/hex/decimal conversions going on here,
thoughts? I need the laymen breakdown please..



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