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MM I had some issues in the past with IE regarding setting a Autoproxy
URL, which I easily resolved by moving the GPO to a User OU rather than
Computer [long story]. If you are still having issues feel free to reply
back and I will see if I can help.


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This is my first time to address this list.  The question I have regards
the IE maintenance policies...specifically those related to proxy
settings.  I have setup a policy and am applying it to my user OU in my
domain.  Oddly, when I run RSOP on a few clients it shows the policy is
applied successfully and there are no issues related to this policy
reported by RSOP, however when I check the browser settings the proxy
settings have not been applied.  Further, the system has been logging
this in the applog:


Event Type:        Error

Event Source:    Userenv

Event Category:                None

Event ID:              1030

Date:                     8/15/2007

Time:                     6:09:53 AM

User:                     DOMAIN\user

Computer:          COMPUTERNAME


Windows cannot query for the list of Group Policy objects. A message
that describes the reason for this was previously logged by the policy


For more information, see Help and Support Center at


Finally, I was told that if there were folders "custom#" in this path
the policy was being applied...particularly if there was an *.ins file
in one of these folders w/ the proxy settings in it.  If found the
folders and the file w/ the proxy settings yet it is still not being


\\%computername%\c$\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application
Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Custom Settings\


Reboots, adjusting the policy priority order, checking scope, deleting
and recreating "custom settings" folder in the profile...nothing has
worked so far.  Any clues as to what I might need to check would be




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