[gptalk] How to test new ADMX files

  • From: "Alan & Margaret" <syspro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 09:17:39 +1000

All (especially Darren!)


I am trying to work out how to test ADMX files when I have a Central
repository in place. I cannot work out a way to do this without putting the
entire domain at risk.


Once you have created the Central repository, all users on the domain use
it. I cannot see any way to point them back to the local copy under Windows
or to any other location.


I had thought I could use GPEDIT to edit my Local Policy and (hopefully)
pick up the local ADMX files. But GPEDIT doesn't support ADMX files and GPME
only supports GPO's and always looks at the Central repository if it is


The only options would seem to be:-

*         Have a separate domain for the testing (an overkill if it is just
to test the ADMX files)

*         Don't use the central repository, just the local directory for all
users (A maintenance nightmare)

*         Assume that the ADMX file will have no syntax errors and just
throw it in. 


Admittedly the last option is not as bad as you may think. If it is wrong it
will only impact users trying to edit Admin Template entries and it can be
easily reversed.  However most managers like to have change control on such



Alan Cuthbertson



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