[gptalk] Re: How to: Pass GP logon scripts upon VN connection?

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Thanks Omar - I'm looking forward to reviewing the connection manager
administration kit.  Do I need to install it on the same server as my
IAS server or on a PDC? 

There is a lot of info at
ation+kit%22  Do you have any good references?   

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This is an easy fix:

On a Win2k3 server install the connection manager administration kit.
after you install run through the creation of a new VPN connection.
are hundreds of options but the run script after connection is what you
looking for. when you get to that page just upload your script into the 
wizard and when you complete the wizard you will have a executable that
can then distrubute to your clients. Once you play with it a bit you
probably set many of the options.

let me know if you need assistance and we can take it offline.

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From: "Mills, Mark" <Mark.Mills@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: [gptalk] How to: Pass GP logon scripts upon VN connection?

I have some users who create a VPN tunnel to the network when they
travel.  The VPN endpoint passes their VPN logon credentials to the
domain IAS server (Internet Authentication Server) which then either
allows the VPN router to connect them to the domain via VPN, or deny
them access.

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