[gptalk] GPO not being applied - custom ADM - Empty?

  • From: "Victor W." <victor-w@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 20:17:08 +0100

Some time ago I posted something here about a custom adm I made.
I didnt have the time to really implement it untill today but I ran into
some problems.
The GPO is not being applied. GPresult tells me that the GPO is being denied
it is empty. I checked into this and this would be the case if no settings
were defined in the adm.
The adm has surely got settings defined, so there must be something else
what is causing the error.
I managed to get it working after some time after doing the following:
When I first started to implement it, I logged on to the DC (we only have 2
by the way)
and I created the GPO from within the GPMC. In GPedit.msc I added the adm
file which I 
had saved in C:\temp.
Whatever I did, I could not get it to apply.
I then copied the custom adm file to the SYSVOL\Scripts folder and removed
it within GPedit.msc
and readded it again, but now I browsed to the SYSVOL\Scripts folder to add
it and not to C:\temp where the
other copy was.
Now the GPO worked. This was strange I thought, because even before I had
saved the adm file into the SYSVOL\Scripts 
folder, it already was in the SYSVOL\Policies folder in the folder with the
corresponding GUID.
Anyway, the issue was then solved I thought. I then build another GPO for
which I needed the oulk11.adm file (we were'nt yet using this adm file).
I downloaded this adm file and saved it to the SYSVOL\Scripts folder and
added the outlk11.adm  from within GPedit.msc.
From that point on that GPO worked but the GPO with the custom settings as
described above, stopped working.
Perhaps this is all a coincedence, it probably is. 
But I have the following two questions:
Does it matter from where the adm is added in the first place, I mean when
browsing to the adm file from within GPedit.msc
does it need to be in the SYSVOL folder to start with?
Why is the GPO being displayed as a Denied GPO described as empty within

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