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Use a batch file with following contents & put it in Computer Startup Script 
section of GPO...
  net localgroup Administrators /add <domain\ID>
  replace <domain\ID> with your domain's NETBIOS name & domain account or 

"Ranjan Babu .G" <ranjan.ganesh@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

One of my customer having Multiple server running IIS and SQL under IIS and SQL 
OU .While applying /edit group policy i have to select manually and add 
Administrators for each 


HOW to resolve the below issue.

1. For ex: If i want to add sqladmin for a policy i have to add 

server1\sqladmin, server2\sqladmin ....

Instead adding all server names, any shortcut method 

Available to add in single line .

What happening in our case if io add user â??server1\sqladminâ?? in group 
policy .it applying same user in all server. which will creating problem.

Note:we have created similar name( sqladmin) user for this purpose .

2.In domain server does not have IIS and SQL server installed .If i want create 
\edit a 

Group policy for IIS and SQL server OU, Which is best option to edit Group 

policy edit from domain server GPMC or from other IIS /SQL ?.

we are facing to add file security c:\program files \MS SQL form domain GPMC 
.it not allowing to add due to path ( SQL SERVER ) not available in that server.

3.If i create system variable e:. %BACKUP% that gives the path to my one of 

my backup directories. 

If i add this directory %BACKUP% in files system security in group policy 

Level, whether all server refer the same path what we given in system variable 

Apply their security setting give for the folder (%BACKUP%)

Thanks and Regards,


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