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  • Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 16:04:48 -0800

Tell him to make sure he has a DNS connection suffix set on the DC's
TCP/IP properties. I'll bet its blank now. That will probably get him the 
domain profile.

The Hauppage card is great! Thanks again. I'm using it wth Vista MCE and it 
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HI Darren,
He indicates that he has a new GPO liked at the domain controllers OU.
He has not modified the default domain controller gpo. In his new GPO,
when he sets it for "domain profile", the settings do not take hold on
the DC. But, when he sets the profile to Standard, they are applied.
Not sure if he can change them locally when he states the settings are
applied. I will ask now.
ps, how is your happaugue card working out?


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Normally when you deliver WF settings via Group Policy, the ability to
manually change the firewall settings at the client machine is grayed
out (i.e. unavailable) regardless of which profile is in effect. It
sounds like you're saying that is only true if the DC is operating in
domain profile mode. But, when a standard profile is detected, he is
able to change them locally? Correct? 


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Subject: [gptalk] Domain controller firewall setttings...

A co-worker of mine is trying to control his domain controllers firewall
settings via group policies. He has enabled the server 2003 firewall and
is unable to modify the DC's firewall settings when the policy is set at
"domain profile". He is able to modify the firewall when it is set to
standard profile.
Has anyone seen anything like this before and\or can anyone confirm if
this is standard?
Michael Pietrzak

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