[gptalk] Re: Custom .adm Not Working

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 14:03:48 -0400

Darren, you've done it again!  


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Since this writes outside of the 4 policy keys, it won't appear in GP
Editor unless you turn off filtering (View, Filtering, Show unmanaged
policy settings (paraphrasing from memory)).




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Ok it is time to stop staring at the screen and ask for help.  This
should be a simple .adm template which has stumped me.  It works up to
the "POLICY"  statement, and after that no entries are displayed when
editing.  I have looked at other templates as examples and I cannot find
my error.  It will display the "Company Desktop" heading, but not the
POLICY "Company Screen Saver".

What am I missing? 




CATEGORY "Desktop" 
    CATEGORY "Company Desktop" 
        POLICY "Company Screen Saver" 
                KEYNAME ".DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop" 
                VALUENAME "ScreenSaveActive" 
                        PART "Modify Registry to set Screen Saver" TEXT 
                        END PART 
                        PART "Screen Saver Off?"  CHECKBOX 
                                VALUENAME "MyCustomEntry" 
                                VALUEON  NUMERIC 1 
                                VALUEOFF NUMERIC 0 
                        END PART 
        END POLICY 

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