[gptalk] Re: Closest Gobal Catalog

  • From: "Clemson, Chris \(IHG\)" <Chris.Clemson@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 16:30:33 -0000

This is the ADM I created.
It will "tattoo" the registry though, but I don't think there's a way
around that.
Hope this helps. It also allows you to choose a specific server if
required instead.
Use one setting or the other, not both!

CATEGORY !!WindowsComponents
  CATEGORY !!Office
    CATEGORY !!ForceGC
        EXPLAIN !!ForceGC_Explain
        POLICY !!Force_GC_hostname
            #if version >= 4

            EXPLAIN !!ForceGC_Explain
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider"
            PART !!Force_GC_hostname EDITTEXT
            VALUENAME "DS Server"
            END PART
        END POLICY

        POLICY !!ClosestGC
            #if version >= 4
            EXPLAIN !!ForceGC_Explain
            KEYNAME "Software\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider"

            VALUENAME "Closest GC"
            VALUEON     NUMERIC   1
            VALUEOFF    NUMERIC   0
        END POLICY

     END CATEGORY ;; IE Cache
  END CATEGORY ;; Internet Explorer
END CATEGORY ;; WindowsComponents


WindowsComponents="Windows Components"
Office="Microsoft Office"
ForceGC="Force Global Catalog"
ClosestGC="Closest GC"
Force_GC_hostname="Force GC Hostname"

IE_Cache_size="Internet Explorer's cache"
ForceGC_Explain="Force Outlook to choose a local GC instead of using a
remote one\n\nIf a user has a mailbox on an Exchange server in a remote
site, Outlook will try to use a Global Catalog in the remote site
instead of the local one. Usually this would make sense in case the
local machine was in a different domain or forest to the mailbox, but
all our users are in the same domain. Forcing Outlook to use a local GC
should make Outlook more efficient and use less bandwidth to the remote
site.\n\nNote: Only use the 'Closest GC' option, OR specify a server,

SUPPORTED_APP="at least Microsoft Outlook 2003"
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