[gptalk] Re: Applying user settings to a computer.

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No, this is how loopback is designed to work. You can definitely control
which users get the loopback policies by using user-group based security
filtering the same way you would on a normal GPO.





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Now I've got a somewhat convoluted problem. I have these special kiosk
machines in their own OU and they have a domain user service account, this
account is secured. My issue is I need to apply some settings to a certain
security group if they log onto these machines, however these settings can
only be for these machines, not their normal work computers. Can I apply
user settings to the OU containing the machines and then filter it to the
security group and turn on loopback processing and this work? I'm thinking
through it and believe that the loopback wouldn't take effect because its
looping back on the user via the computer, so if the computer can apply the
loopback gpo then any user that logs in will get those settings as it's the
computer looking at the GPO not the user. Ideas?



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