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  • Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 22:57:26 -0700

You have to use the city of New York, as far as I know 
Brooklyn is a borough of New York City.  I found the street 60th Street by
searching on the city of New York.  If you are still having problems please
send me your complete address including the ZIP code and I look into this.
Call if you need assistance.
Carl Simmons
Sendero Group Training and Technical Support
1-888-757-6810 Ext. 106

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Hi folks,
I just got my GPS and have a question.  I am trying to play around in
virtual mode.  I do an S-chord to set an address.  I can select my city and
state, but when I try to select my street it says it cannot be found.  I
live in Brooklyn, NY and only two streets come up for Brooklyn, ny.  can
anyone help?  Thanks!
Gian Pedulla

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