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- White House Breaking Records Law?
By Paul Kiel - March 15, 2007, 2:24 PM
A number of readers have pointed out that Karl Rove's deputy at the White 
House, Scott Jennings, used an outside domain, gwb43.com, for his emails. The 
domain, it turns out, is owned by the Republican National Committee.

Now Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has sent a letter to 
House government reform committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA) requesting an 
investigation of whether the White House has been violating the Presidential 
Records Act -- in an attempt to keep certain correspondence away from prying 
eyes. more [TPMMuckraker] [thanks to Reporters Committee]

CREW letter

E-mails released yesterday show that White House deputy political director J. 
Scott Jennings communicated with Justice officials about the appointment of Tim 
Griffin, a former Rove aide, to be the U.S. attorney in Little Rock. Jennings 
used an e-mail account registered to the Republican National Committee, where 
Griffin had worked as an opposition researcher. Democratic congressional aides 
said they will investigate whether using the private address for government 
business violated laws against using taxpayer resources for political work or 
signaled that White House officials considered the firing of U.S. attorneys to 
be primarily a political issue. Jennings did not return a call to his office 
seeking a comment. "As a matter of course, the RNC provides server space and 
equipment to certain White House personnel in order to assist them with their 
political efforts," RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt said. more [WPost]

- Critical Infrastructure: Challenges Remain in Protecting Key Sectors.
GAO-07-626T, March 20
...Challenges most frequently cited included the lack of an effective 
relationship with DHS as well as private sector hesitancy to share information 
on vulnerabilities with the government or within the sector for fear the 
information would be released and open to competitors. GAO's past work has 
shown that a lack of trust in DHS and fear that sensitive information would be 
released are recurring barriers to the private sector's sharing information 
with the federal government...  more [GAO] Plus ça change...


NIST to decide on standards for e-records
BY Jason Miller
Published on March 20, 2007

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is determining whether to 
make standards developed by the E-Records Management e-government project a 
governmentwide requirement or just a guidance. ... One approach OMB might take 
is to add the validation of records management standards to the work the agency 
inspector generals already do. IGs certify how agencies meet the Federal 
Information Security Management Act as well as privacy mandates. "If it becomes 
a governmentwide standard configuration, then it solves the technology part 
because we will not need to figure out how to transfer records," Evans said. 
"Agencies can build all of this into the lifecycle of their investments." more 


- CIO Council honors Schlarman, Andreessen with Azimuth Awards
BY Jason Miller
Published on March 20, 2007

The CIO Council picked two winners of the 2007 Azimuth Award that couldn't be 
more different. The federal executive toiled in the government 34 years before 
retiring last December. The industry executive was a millionaire by the time he 
was 34, and now at 36 is heading up at least two new companies. ... Glenn 
Schlarman, who worked for the FBI, Energy Department and the Office of 
Management and Budget before stepping down last year, led the federal effort to 
secure information and keep it private all the while understanding the 
importance of information dissemination and accessibility. In some ways, 
Schlarman had competing and complimentary jobs. ...

Schlarman, who slipped the presenter of his award, OMB's Deputy Director for 
Management Clay Johnson, a note asking why he was there, truly was surprised by 
the honor.   "I did not know I was going to make remarks tonight so I'm as 
excited to hear them as you are," Schlarman said with his usual dry wit. "I am 
here because of Karen. She allowed me to do a lot of things to people - well, 
for people. She gave me a long leash that permitted us to do the things we can 
do." more [FCW]


The Government Domain: GovTrack and OpenCongress Go Beyond THOMAS
By Peggy Garvin
Published March 18, 2007

It is springtime, and a thousand flowers are blooming in the world of open web 
congressional data. I would like to focus on two projects: GovTrack and 
OpenCongress. A few additional, related sites that I won't cover in detail are 
listed at the end of this column. more

- ICANN participation website
The Lisbon meeting for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number 
(ICANN) is being held between 26-30 March 2007, and this is its online 
participation website. Available here will be: a rundown of each meeting 
complete with full details, including panellists; topics for discussions; links 
to resources and presentations; and links to webcasts and audiocasts where 
available.  more [thanks to beSpacific.com]


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