[govinfo] DoD wants to amend/rescing Posse Comitatus Act

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DoD Computer Network Operations: Time to Hit the Send Button (PDF: 365 KB)
Source: U.S. Army War College (via DTIC)
The Department of Defense (DoD) is rapidly moving forward into the cyber domain 
of warfare, but the United States Government is not ready to exploit this 
evolution in Civil-Military affairs. With the United States facing new threats 
to its national security at home and abroad like never before, U.S. policy and 
law must change to enable DoD to fully defend and fight in cyberspace. Due to 
the highly automated and interconnected nature of U.S. critical infrastructure, 
it is not practical to erect a barrier between military and civilian operations 
that can serve U.S. national interests. Within the interagency framework, DoD 
should serve as the lead, including the response phase whenever defense 
critical infrastructure is involved or when a cyber attack has seriously 
affected other national critical infrastructure. To enable this transformation, 
the Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) should be amended or rescinded so DoD can conduct 
full defensive and offensive cyberspace operations against all required 
targets.  (emphasis added)

Patrice McDermott, Director
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