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On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 6:33 PM, മഹേഷ് മുകുന്ദന് | Mahesh M <
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> Hi guys..
> PLs do me a favour.. Give me comments on this statement..
> "A FREEDOM FIGHTER: In a computer lab in an educational institution
> students must be using Free and open source software and the teachers must
> make sure that the spirit of freedom and freesoftware movement remain in the
> blood of every engineer.
> TEACHER: Ya, thats true. But is it also not true that the students must
> also be given a choice to select an OS of their choice. Which means that
> computers in the lab must also have MICROSOFT WINDOWS in them."
Here the teacher has not understood the difference between proprietary
software and free software. In simple reply,should we give our students
samples of "drugs" for them to decide?or samples of cigerates?its not about
the OS.
The problem is not at all technical The difference between proprietary
software and free software is ethical.
ThIs is no choice between two different operating system,The problem is
between two ways to treat the thing called "software"
Free Software treats software in the most natural way that its a science,a
bunch of maths,that humans should be able to understand,study,enhance with
the help of community.
Proprietary software trys to compare it with material objects and fills in a
huge lotts of bluf theories to make more profit.
While We have technologies to share the software we have, They are telling
the Whole world not to share,why? they have to get profit?!
This can be explained even more.. Point appropriate article from
gnu.org/philosophy  i found them quite effective in explaining for people
who want to understand the situation.

Best of luck
Shyam K

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