[gnulab-mesce] First Two Days of workshop

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  • Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 15:25:33 +0530

Hi All,

The first two days of the workshop went smoothly with the great support from
our staff members, Labeeba and Sangeetha. The workshop started at 12:45pm
and the installation is over before 1:30pm. The students were asked to come
after 4:30 to have an introduction to Synaptic Package Manager. Some of them
(not all of them) came and they have learned to use Synaptic.

After all we can see some enthusiasm in them to learn more. Two of them
wanted to try it out in another machine.

They are supposed to submit the report of the workshop next week. Please
find the detailed schedule attached.

Besides we can also plan to give the responsibility of maintaining systems
in the lab to students. I think we have to make a plan for that. For
instance if a system is crashed we can assign a student or group of students
to repair it. This might fasten up their learning process. Please give your

As Raju Sir and Shyam suggested our next tasks for I and II semester
students are

1. Seminar on one major application/theme of Free Software
2. Assigning simple projects

Pease suggest your ideas, which can be given as topics for this


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