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GMU Players Newsletter
Monday, April 7, 2003

I. Companion Needed For Props Road Trip on Thursday
II. "Angel" Light Focus Tuesday
III. Studio Voting Ends Wednesday
IV. "Look Homeward, Angel" Opens April 17
V. Players Officer Elections April 21
VI. Events Calendar


Vivian Woodland is looking for some one to join her on a
drive to UNC Chapel Hill to pick up props for "Look
Homeward, Angel" on April 10. It will be a one day round
trip.  Interested? Please contact Vivian at


    Come to Theaterspace (PAB A105) on Tuesday to help
with the lighting for "Look Homeward, Angel!" This is the
last light hang of the year-- if you need tech hours for
classes, seize this opportunity!

Tuesday, April 8
From 9 AM until at least 3 PM

No technical experience required, all skill levels 
are welcome. Questions, contact Master Electrician 
Nick Ryckert at nickr@xxxxxxxxx

 Thanks to all who came to the Studio Proposal meeting last
week. Voting for the 2003-04 Studio season continues until
4:30 pm on Wednesday, April 9. To vote, go to theater
office in PAB 407 and talk to department secretary Debbie
Wiliams during regular office hours. 
(We'll miss you, Debbie!)
The Proposed shows are:

"Abstract Expression" by Theresa Rebek,
proposed by Sarah Bever

"Look Back in Anger", by John Osborne
proposed by Liz Stock

"Moo", by Sally Clark
proposed by Megan Kelleher

"Uncommon Women", by Wendy Wasserstein
proposed by Michael Bryant

"Veronica's Room", by Ira Levin
proposed by Rachel Sarrano

IV. "Look Homeward, Angel" Opens Thursday, April 17

The final mainstage show of the year, "Look Homeward
Angel," directed by Ken Elston, opens on April 17 in
Theaterspace (PAB A105). 

8pm April 17, 8pm April 18, 2pm and 8pm April 19, 
No performance April 20 (Easter)
8pm April 24, 8pm February 25, 2pm and 8pm April 26,
2pm April 27
Strike: April 27 following performance

Look Homeward, Angel is a coming-of-age story that
deals with family, love and life in the American South 
in 1916. Our play will focus on the ways in which memory
becomes our reality over time. It will explore the ties 
that repressively bind us to our families and loved ones.
We are all bound to our past, and this production will
explore that theme as it illuminates one young man's first
experiences with love, loss, and triumphant new beginnings.
This script, by Ketti Frings and based on the novel by
Thomas Wolfe, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1958. 
It won the New York Critic's Award that same year.



   Elections for next year's Players officers will be held
on Monday, April 21 in Black Box. The meeting will start at
7:30. The Players organization is only as strong as the
student participation makes it, so if you are serious about
student theater at George Mason, please consider taking on
an officer's role next year.

After this year's restructuring, the offices for next year
will be a little different. Here's the new breakdown:

PRESIDENT- The President is basically responsible for
keeping the ball rolling and serving as a CVPA Student Rep
(or helping to find someone else to do the job)  He/she is
also responsible for communicating ideas and problems with
the necessary faculty members.

supports the director of each event by setting dates,
booking space, planning budgets with the treasurer and
faculty, getting the publicist to spread the word, rounding
up volunteers for the director, and speaking with the arts
support umbrella about other misc needs (like having
someone present during a light hang for the halloween
party.)  They provide the backbone for most non-production
oriented social events. 

SECRETARY- The Secretary takes notes during Board and
General meetings.  He or she is responsible for sending
meeting notes/newsletters out to fellow board members
and/or the GMU Players list.

TREASURER- Ensures that all funds are accounted for before
and after the run of concessions. They also help the
Student Outreach and Events Coordinator come up with a
budget for social events, as well as plan or create any
fundraisers. The treasurer has the power to create any 
fundraiser they please, provided they have approval from
Clayton.  He or she is responsible for the recruitment and
training of concession volunteers/other money handlers.

PUBLICIST- Responsible for disseminating information and
creating a program for each show. They are NOT responsible
for the creation of posters or flyers advertising events,
auditions, or shows.  This is the responsibility of the the
events director or show director, NOT the publicist.  

HISTORIAN- The historian heads up a smaller sub-committee
composed of those seeking to preserve the production
process on video or through photographs.  They may also
communicate with alumni, ensure that copies of each show's
script make it into the Theater Department's library
record, and that previous archives are labeled and
appropriately displayed or stored away.  Finally, the
historian keeps tabs on everyone who has done work for the
GMU Players.  A master list helps to establish whether or
not each student has worked in some capacity on two
projects, and is valid for GMU Player membership and voting

   Some offices (especially Publicist and Historian) may
also have assistant positions, which will be filled on a
volunteer/appointment basis.



April 8: Light Focus in Theaterspace, 9 AM- ?

April 17-27, "Look Homeward Angel" runs in Theaterspace
Thurs.-Sat at 8 PM, Sat.-Sun. at 2 PM

April 21: Players officer elections for 2003-04 year.
May 5: Last Day of classes

May 10-12: Drama-Rama presentations in Theaterspace. 
Exact times/dates TBA


If you have questions or comments about anything in this
newsletter (or items that you'd like included in the next
newsletter), please call/email the person listed for each
item or contact Secretary Jim Maiwurm at jmaiwurm@xxxxxxxx
Do NOT reply directly back to the listserv, your email
won't get anywhere.


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