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  • From: Joe Steeve <joe_steeve@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 18:57:29 +0530

nithya kv <nithyakv2001@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>    can we use graphics.h file in c programs while
> compiling with gcc.

No you cant. The Turbo C (Borland C), comes with a set of graphics
drivers and api called the BGI (Borland Graphics Interface)., this
provides the header graphics.h and a couple of libraries which
make it possible to program graphics on M$DOS. This feature is not
available on any other C compiler. For example DOS based Watcom
compilers had a different way of graphic programming.

On GNU/Linux and UNIXes in general, graphic programming is done
through the X Server. There are numerous policies in programming
the GUI on the UNIXes. You can choose to program on some window
manager such as Qt or Gtk+., or you may program directly at the X
Window level. When using Windowmanager, you get to create
windows.. when programming at the X-window level., you get to draw
pixels and lines directly on the screen


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