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Hello All,

Perhaps you already know about Brian Behlendorf and his contributions
to the Open Source movement. Brian, who is the Founder & President of
ASF (Apache Software Foundation), is visiting India to deliver the
keynote address at the "Linux Asia 2004" conference to be held in
Delhi in mid-February 2004.


Brain who also founded CollabNet Software Pvt. Ltd
(http://www.collab.net), in 1999 visiting his Chennai Development
Centre during 16th - 20th of Feb' 2004. During his visit, he has
expressed a desire to meet Chennai FLOSS enthusiatics and Developers.
Yeah, you guys guessed right, he is meeting all of us at this month
ILUGC meet.

Venue : ICSR Auditorium, IIT-Madras.
Date  : 19th Feb 2004. Thursday.
Time  : 4.30 PM

> Brian's bio is given below:

"Few people have had as broad an impact on the Web's development as
Brian Behlendorf. In 1993, while an undergraduate at the University of
California, Berkeley, Behlendorf set up wired.com, one of the earliest
nonacademic Web sites. 

In 1994 he led the team that built hotwired.com, the first
ad-supported site. That same year, Behlendorf contributed to the
development of the Virtual Reality Modeling Language, which added
animation, music, and video to what had been a text-laden Web. 

But Behlendorf's most important contribution came in 1995 when he
founded the Apache Web Server Project, which sparked the proliferation
of university and commercial server computers. Apache is a freely
available, Unix-based Web server program that is now used to host more
than 65 percent of the world's Web sites; it is unquestionably one of
the most important open-source projects in the history of computing.
The Apache Software Foundation, which Behlendorf led for three years,
now has 700 developers working on 120 projects to improve the Web.

Before launching CollabNet, Behlendorf was co-founder and CTO of
Organic Online, a Web design and engineering consultancy located in
San Francisco.  During his five years at Organic, Behlendorf helped
create Internet strategies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. During
that time, he assisted several IETF working groups, particularly the
HTTP standardization effort.  Before starting Organic, Behlendorf was
the first Chief Engineer at Wired Magazine and later HotWired, one of
the first large-scale publishing Web sites. He also serves as a
Technical Adviser to Critical Path (CPTH) and Topica."

All are WELCOME & Feel Free to Forward this Message to other 

Bye :)
Bharathi S  |    MeTel Team,
TeNeT Group | DONLab, IIT-M,
OMC Group   | MidasComm.com.

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