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  • From: Tomáš Zámečník <pulcik@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 10:03:31 +0100 (CET)

Hi Maria,
I tested it and loading of both low and high detailed borders takes tooooo long.

There are also some artifacts in high detailed data (see screenshot).
And most countries are filled (instead of displaying borders) (second 


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> Od: Mária Vámošová <maria.vamosova@xxxxxxxxx>
> Předmět: [glideplan_swproj] state borders visualisation
> Datum: 18.2.2012 12:36:54
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> Hi!
> I merged the state borders visualisation into the master.
> That includes updating also the UpdraftDependencies libraries, which
> are now on our data server. We switched to the latest stable osgEarth
> version: 2.1.1.
> Also, now there is a special map layer group for maps: and it is
> possible to switch the visualisation of map layers on/off.
> But there are some issues:
> 1. State borders: the dataset that is now used is of very low quality.
> I found a nicer one, but it takes really long to load on my computer -
> but that can be caused by many reasons :) Therefore, could you please
> try it out?
> You switch between the datasets by commenting / uncommenting part of
> the "initial.earth" file:
> <url>state_borders_lq.shp</url>
> <!-- <url>state_borders_hq.shp</url> -->
> You do not have to rebuild the project, the file is loaded at the
> start of the program, so it's easy to try it out.
> 2. Switching on/off of the image and elevation layers: it is
> incredibly slow. It looks like it's because of the downloading phase
> of the process - switching on / off the visualisation of the state
> borders works perfectly.
> But I will work on this from now on, as a part of writing our own
> maps: like the map colored by height, so I'm saying this just for
> warning :)
> Have a nice day everyone!
> Maria
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