[glideplan_swproj] Re: [glideplan_swproj] Automatic 2D/3D switching

  • From: Tomáš Zámečník <pulcik@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: glideplan_swproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 10:48:33 +0200 (CEST)

it looks very nice. Smooth animations, automatic switching to 2D...good work!
I would only change the label Untilt to 2D map or 2D view...it is more 
understandable and
expectable (SeeYou also have 2D and 3D view).
There is also question, how to rotate map without unwanted switching to 3D (may 
be it is not necessary at all...we will see,
how it will be complicated for less experienced users to work with).
Adding Map menu - we can discuss it tomorrow.

I remind Mac issue - please create binaries and store them on our ftp 
If it is easy work, wait please for other changes and do it tomorrow. If you 
don't have time
tomorrow or it is complicated, please do it today from current working version 
of master.
Btw. is there a way to download content from the storage without user account 
(password) ?


> ------------ Původní zpráva ------------
> Od: Bohdan Maslowski <bohdan.maslowski@xxxxxxxxx>
> Předmět: [glideplan_swproj] Automatic 2D/3D switching
> Datum: 07.4.2012 13:49:14
> ----------------------------------------
> Hi,
> I changed the concept of switching between perspective and orthographic
> view from manual to automatic. Please try it and let me know what you think.
> The orthographic mode is activated if the view is nadir +- 2 degrees and
> distance to earth is less than 7 km.
> Also i added two actions to Tools menu - Reset to north and Untilt (which
> can be used for activating orthographic view). It would be nice assign
> keyboard shortcuts to those and move them to another menu (what about a
> "Map" menu?)
> And while I was playing with MapManipulator, I added a 2s startup animation
> that zooms into home position.. let me know if you hate it :)
> You can also return to home position hitting space bar.
> Happy Easter!
> Bohdan
> Ps. Just realized I broke zooming using doubleclicks, mouse wheel works
> fine. I'll fix it asap.

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