[glideplan_swproj] CDv1 testing

  • From: Tomáš Zámečník <pulcik@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: glideplan_swproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2012 10:34:32 +0200 (CEST)

This e-mail also contains bug reports in the last section, so I please everyone 
- read it.

My notes from testing cd:

* There is not actual User's documentation (the latest version is in repository 
in directory Updraft/data)
 * Difference between documents is that in the new one is added chapter "11.2 
Map Options (hidden)"
* I created FlightFiles directory for cd, it is in our storage, please add it 
* Let's remove following dirs and files from Repository directory:
 * Experiments (content is only for our internally purposes and not up to date)
 * Docs/LaTeX (dir is unused)
 * Docs/ModelDiagrams (content is not up to date)
 * Docs/TechnicalSpecification.odt (content of this document is misleading)
* Contrary there should be added readme.txt to the highest level (beside 
UserManual.pdf and Programmers documentation.pdf)
 * In readme should be briefly described content of CD

* Everythink seems to be ok

* No splash screen - when I run Updraft it nothing is happenind (it is loading 
at background) and after few seconds appears main window.
* Bug in Settings - "Application state (hidden)" I send screenshot.
 * This setting page is not documented, not working and not necessary. I don't 
know who added it, but REMOVE IT!
* Another, similar bug in Settings - "General". I send another screenshot.
 * Should be fixed.
* Task declaration:
 * Picked map points still have bad labels (I reported it to Cestmir and also 
Maria yesterday)
* Turnpoints
 * Labels have bad font. But file with font is present. Maybe it has somethink 
to do with data dir path. I'will look at it.
* Translations (for Kuba)
 * Untranslated strings in settings dialog: Data directory, Ellipsoid model, 
Mouse zoom sensitivity (in advanced settings), Mouse click tolerance (in 
advanced settings)
 * Translation of "New task" is still "Novy ukol" ...should be "Nova trat"


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