[ghrrbac-vtaa] Need Volunteers for VA Tech College Fairs

  • From: "Chapman, Michael A. (LARC-D504)" <michael.a.chapman@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 13:48:57 -0500

Hello Hampton Roads VT Black Alumni,

Attached is the 2009 recruitment travel schedule for the VA Tech Office of 
Admissions. The Hampton Roads events are listed near the end of the 
spreadsheet. Also attached is a Volunteer Participation Form.

If you are interested in joining the admissions recruiters at a particular 
college fair or venue, please complete the Volunteer Participation Form and 
return it to me via e-mail by 9/11/09. Your presence is really needed to show 
that African Americans do indeed graduate from VT. It's also helpful for 
students (and parents) to be able to ask about your experience with campus life 
and other aspects of attending.

So send me your forms and I will work out the conflicts, etc., and submit a 
collective request from our group to the Office of Admissions. They will, in 
turn, let you know whether or not they have space for additional volunteers and 
provide you additional details about the college fair. Please note that some 
venues cannot support more than 1 additional person at a table/booth/etc., and 
some venues cannot support any extra people over and above that of the 
admissions recruiter.

Thanks for your help in showing an African American presence at these college 
fairs. It's really helpful for potential students to see committed alumni at 
these events.

Michael A. Chapman, P.E.
Head, Technologies Application Branch - GFTD
NASA Langley Research Center

757-864-4687 (w)
757-864-4799 (f)
757-827-9971 (h)
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