[gha] Peace for all

  • From: celia altschuler <psoleil5@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx" <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>, "gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 09:22:48 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Dr. Semashko
>and all ,
>I join you on a long week with many thoughts for Peace for our humanity. Thank 
>you for your poems Susana , Takis , Ammar Bani  Muhamad and your lovely image 
>Ernesto.  After a while of technical problems I am finally at my computer. Leo 
>I want to send my congratulations for you Global Peace Science book project. I 
>Marie Robert congratulations. Thank you for you wonderful picture.  I also 
>want to share a poem as a gift with all of you for this week Peace Day. Sept 
>21, 2013  
>A gift for All… 
>Peace … 
>is our goal to bring back humanity to reason and love
>it is a way of compassion for the tears of sorrow
>it is feeling happy and having others join your happiness
>it is giving to others what we expect to receive from them
>it is the freedom to embrace others with an open hearted smile
>it is the core of creativity and beauty
>it talks serenity, kindness, and respect for others
>it is the action of love with an enlighten heart
>it is the ultimate realization for us humans
> and it provides us with true harmony
>and humbleness
>Peace is the best gift for all
>who want to cherish it 
>day by day.©Celia Altschuler, 
>Acting President, GHA-LAC,
>GHA Ambassador for Peace and Disarmament from Harmony in LAC,
>Artist, Poet, Translator,
>French Professor, Media Producer,
>Address: Parguera, Puerto Rico 
>Phone: 787-462-1031
>Email: psoleil5@xxxxxxxxx

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