[gha] GHA Letter to G20 leaders was approved and sent: What to do further?

  • From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 17:24:28 +0400

Dear GHA Members, Friends,

You have seen, I sent today to the Russian presidency of the G20 Summit the 
approved by us on August 3rd GHA Open Letter to G20 leaders with a proposal of 
Global Peace Science (GPS) in two languages: Russian and English. 

We have fulfilled our peacemaking duty today in the best way. We express all 
members of the GHA who supported this letter, our sincere thanks and high 
appreciate your unique contribution to this peacemaking achievement of GHA. We 
understand that many members, because of the summer holidays, could not support 
it now, but they can support it later. We can be proud deserved of this unique 
and unprecedented peacemaking achievement of GHA, which stands the world’s task 
before scientists and governments around the world to create GPS. 

This letter was published in two languages ??here: 
In Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=605 
In English: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=582 

It is also on our website “Peace from Harmony” Main page under the title: 
"Peace Science for G20": www.peacefromharmony.org

The main idea of ??the letter is: If G20 is dedicated to the economic growth 
then this growth of humanity as a single global society can not exist in the 
21st century without the Science of Global Peace.

What to do now every peacemaker (not just a member of the GHA) with the GHA 
Letter to G20 leaders about the GPS? I think here you have the following simple 
but effective steps:

1. First and most importantly - send this letter in your national language to 
head of your state or government with your next about preamble: “The main idea 
of ??the GHA letter is: If G20 is dedicated to economic growth, then this 
growth of humanity as a single global society can not exist in the 21st century 
without science of global peace. There is growing concern in the world about 
the future due to the ever-increasing military spending. It is know that peace 
can not be achieved by force, it can only be reached by reason. In this regard, 
I am pleased to send you the Global Harmony Association (GHA) Letter to G20 
leaders with a proposal to create a Global Peace Science, for which there are 
all prerequisites. Our country and your work are known by peacemaking 
traditions and aspirations. Therefore, your support of this letter and your 
initiation of this important idea before the G20 leaders would be the greatest 
national and your personal contribution to global peace. GHA Letter attached to 
the attachment, Sincerely Your, the signature." Of course, you could modify 
this preamble as you feel necessary.

2. You could duplicate this message with your preamble, sending it to the G20 
website at this address: info@xxxxxxxxxxxx in your national language.

3. You could send it to the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the G20 members in 
two languages ??(national and English / Russian).

4. You could send this letter to the Ambassadors of the G20 members in your 
country in two languages.

5. You could sign this GHA Letter as the Petition to the G20 Leaders. 
Petition’s address you will find in the GHA letter. You could invite to sign 
this Petition your friends from your networks.

6. You could publish the GHA letter on your page in two languages in all 
??available to you networks: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

7. Based on the two texts (GHA letter – 5 pages and article about Global Peace 
Science – 4 pages), you could write a press release or short article in 1 page 
about GHA initiative with this science for the G20, citing the sources. Your 
short article you could send in leading national newspapers and TV channels of 
your country. You might as well publish this article online on the pages with 
the free publication of articles.

As you can see, it's simple and affordable to every peacemaker actions. Only 
through similar broad actions the GPS weak voice can be heard in the world and 
the governments, the result of which will contest of GPS options and its 
recognition in the world. GPS will raise peace problem to a new level of 
scientific thinking and will provide its solution in the framework of the 21st 
century. This will be embodiment the GHA peace initiative, i.e. our joint 

This is, I think, a true peacemaker mission today. Thank you for this great 

With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko:
State  Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA);
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org
Global Peace Science from Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=582;
World Interfaith Harmony Project on the ABC of Harmony Base:
GHA Program Book, The ABC of Harmony for World Peace:
GHA Peace Video: http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA;
My Web page: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253;
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia
Phone: 7 (812) 597-65-71; Skype: leo.semahko
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leo.semashko?ref=tn_tnmn

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