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On 06/05/2013 12:45, Laj Utreja wrote:*I am fed and tired of half truths, and distortions. What has the attack in Syria of Irani missile convoys from Syria, into Lebanon to the Hizballa shihai movement - which might also carry chemical heads- to do with the west bank. Assad , who butchers his people, sends his heavy armament for safekeeping with the Hizballa. Mazin, have you ever written one word about a leader butchering his people in Syria?????? have you written one word about the uprisings against Prime minister Mursi in Egypt , who wanted to put the extreme religious Moslem rules as a constitution of Egypt??

I and many of our people, do not want Palestinians to be under our rule, we want them to be free. But how can we lose control, when they don't recognize our state and send all the time terrorists and missiles. We entered these territories in 1967 because of terror and suicide bombers. We were a young state who wanted to dress up its wounds. I am a person who does not like the settlement policy, and deplores it. But it has several considerations view to the fact that the west bank enters up to 22 km from the sea and that we have already more than 7 years missiles to our southern cities from the Shihai Ha;mas regime in Gaza. The fear is, like we see in other Arab countries, like Egypt, that the extreme Moslem regime will come in the west bank too . However from this to terrible mistakes that settlers do ( the army fights them according to supreme court ruling to take out illegal settlements ) much is to be changed. . Mazin, stop sa**ying that Christian places were attacked beca_use it is not true._ We think that t_he Christian world together with Isr__ae_**_l are in danger by Extreme Islamic regimes_. I'm sending you again the research about this conflict, taking into account Israelis and Palestinians. I hope that this time all of you get it.

Dear leo Semashko. You have asked me to write only peace . I'm trying to do that, and gather material as my time allows it. And also think of the misery of Palestinians, trying to find a peaceful solution for two nations, which should be separated to their homes. HOwever, what shall we do when Missiles continue hitting our civil population, and there is such danger from the north too?? What shall we do when terror attacks again and again... When terror stops we would not have to retaliate...

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It has a been a very busy time here and so we did not have a chance to send
the weekly update last week.  Israeli forces attacked Syria and the US
administration said they support this violation of International law.
 Israeli forces violently attacked Palestinian Christians near the Church
of the Holy Sepulcher on Easter (Eastern Christian Calendar) and prevented
most of us from entering Jerusalem and the US administration stayed silent.
 Israel forces attacked a number of Palestinian villages and evicted many
from their homes last week claiming their need to do “military excercizes.”
 In Nebi Saleh where I and some students stayed overnight in the home of
Bassem and Nariman Tamimi and their lovely four children including Ahed
Tamimi the girl who was given a bravery award for standing up to soldiers
who took her brother (see video below) and her brother who was shot
(another incident). We were doing some environmental/biodiversity work but
witnessed attacks including firing incendiary tear gas canisters that set
fields on fire and broke windows of the Tamimi’s home. Villagers are still
prevented from accessing their water spring.  All these attacks remind us
that Zionism as a colonial settler movement is incompatible with peace and
must always create conflict to keep its population together.

Israel spoils Easter celebrations by Palestinian Christians

When Israeli denial of Palestinian existence becomes genocidal by Ilan Pappe

Brave Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi vs Soldier : Where is my brother?

Livre de Mazin Qumsiyeh : « Une histoire populaire de la Résistance
palestinienne »

Shareholders File Response to CREF’s Refusal to Allow Vote on Divestment
>From Companies Supporting Human Rights Abuses

BBC documentary (by a Jewish Zionist reporter) on Jewish settlers and
Jewish and christian Zionists. Though biased, it does show the mentality of
colonial settlers on stolen Palestinian lands http://vimeo.com/42568730

How Damascene Jews Hope to Return... to Normalcy by Franklin Lamb

IDF Rabbinate shows non-Jews the door in mezuzah book ruling: A book
endorsed last year by IDF’s chief rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, says
the presence of non-Jews is no reason for an army base not to affix
mezuzahs - which are fixed to doorposts by Jews as a sign of faith- to its

Cuando las piedras gritan (When the stones cry out): A spanish language
report on forms of resistance in Palestine. Es tan difícil escribir desde
Palestina intentando que el mundo entienda la magnitud e inhumanidad de la
injusticia y el despojo que aquí se cometen a diario…

The Staggering Cost of Israel to Americans

(South Africa) Jewish security organization violently assaults two women
protesters; one protester left in concussion

Revealed: World customs body hires Israeli arms firm

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
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