[ggo-discussion] Tabs!

  • From: Peter Strempel <pstrempel@xxxxxx>
  • To: ggo-discussion@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2005 02:51:13 +0200

As promised previously, here is a preview of my current glGo 1.4
work-in-progress version:


Windows-only for the moment. Might make Linux and Mac versions available

* Install glGo 1.3.1 (the official download)
* Get above file. Run it, it is a self-extracting archive
* Move glGo.exe -> C:\Program Files\glGo\glGo.exe
* Move share\resource.xrs into C:\Program Files\glGo\share\resource.xrs
(or adjust depending where you installed glGo)

If you want to revert to 1.3.1 again, either backup those two files,
or just run the 1.3.1 installer again.

When you startup the new version, the new default view is tabbed mode.
You can switch to the old pre-1.4 view in the Preferences menu, which
has a new option "Window mode": Tabs, Multiple Windows.

You can tear-off and reorder tabs. If you right-click on a tab, a popup
menu opens.

* Tear-off
- Double-click on a tab, and it opens as standalone window
- Right-click on a tab, select "Tear-off" from the popup menu
- Close a window using the "X" in the window titlebar to return it to
the tabs again

* Reorder
- Left click on a tab and keep the mousebutton down, then move the
cursor (changed to a hand icon) right/left. This allows to reorder the tabs.
- Select move left/right from the popup menu

When running in tab mode, the toolbar buttons (Players, Games etc.) are
removed, as they are useless. The "Windows" menu and the F1, F2 etc.
shortcuts are still functional and allow to quick-select a window,
regardless if it's running as tab or standalone.
As there is now plenty of space in the toolbar, I thought about putting
a dropdown box for Rooms in that area. Not yet decided.
Size and position of the tear-off tabs are saved and restored.
I put both Channels and Shouts into one tab, as I suppose having an own
"Shouts" tab is not necessary.
One problem here currently is, the Shouts tab is not always visible, so
system broadcasts might be not seen. A small read-only broadcast panel
on the bottom of the window for shouts and broadcasts sounds like a good
idea to me.

I removed the "Close" buttons from the windows. Currently not sure if
this is a good or bad idea. Any comments on this? Maybe instead hide
them when running as tab (no close action here), and show them again
when running standalone. - Not yet decided.

I removed the "Fonts" button from various windows and put all font
configuration into a new tab in the Preferences dialog. Less useless
buttons visible.

The tell window is not integrated into tabs. That's a bit more complex,
as there can be several tells active. Currently not yet decided how I
handle this.

This version is work-in-progress, but it seems to basically work
properly. At least I got no crashes so far. :) However, I would not
recommend to use this for daily IGS operation.

Feedback and comments are welcome.


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