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Me in red.  Marc V.
Philip M wrote: ... Most of the Jesuits followed the astronomical hypothesis of 
Tycho de Brahe, a contemporary of Galileo.  
According to my knowledge, the Jesuits had a slightly different system: 
Mercury, Venus (and perhaps Mars) were revolving around the Sun while the rest 
of the planets were revolving around the Earth.  I believe the stars were also 
revolving around the Earth.

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I was tempted to make the subject line, 'Is the universe a cube then'
I have a wealth of saved articles amongst my files. so much that there is much 
I have not yet myself read. Thus when I come across a few quotations worth 
sharing , please forgive my placing these two here. The first is an interesting 
historical document. These are relatively small files and can be emailed to any 
Athanasius Kircher, S.J. 1602-1680 Jesuit Scientist and Historian A study by 
John W.  DeTar
Opening statement.  
I first became interested in the life of Athanasius Kircher, S.J. when I was 
researching the topic of science and the Jesuits.[1]  From shortly after the 
time of their formation in 1540 until their suppression in 1773, the Jesuits 
had the greatest scientists in the world.[2]  The art of science was exploding 
with new discoveries in all the various fields. The new discoveries were being 
used with great frequency against the teachings of the Church. With certain 
Protestant factions, and continuing with the illuminists, false astronomy was 
being used as a science to attack the authenticity of the Bible. All Jesuits 
mastered astronomy so as to be able to disprove with ease the theories of 
Copernicus and Galileo. According to Pastor, in his Lives of the Popes, the 
popular acceptance of Galileo didn’t occur until after the suppression of the 
Jesuits and not until Newton’s theories became the vogue. The Church was in 
good scientific hands (led by the teachings of the Jesuits) until the time of 
their suppression.   
One of the most important Jesuit scientists was Father Athanasius Kircher  He 
had the good fortune of being assigned to the Collegio Romano because he was a 
language expert.  He was proficient in 28 languages and was able to take 
international correspondence and bring it together in a “world view”.  His 
research and collections became the first museum, later known as the Kircher 
Museum, housed in the Collegio Romano. Artifacts of it are still available to 
be seen in various museums throughout Rome.   
Fr. Kircher had a personality that rivaled Galileo.  He was a great presenter 
of museum shows and demonstrations.  He was a great language expert.  He was 
the first to successfully translate the hieroglyphs of Egypt, using his 
knowledge of the Coptic language and liturgy.  He was also the great translator 
of the obelisks that had remained buried for nearly a thousand years in Rome 
from the time of the Sack of Rome in the 400’s until his day. Amazingly, Father 
Kircher discovered that the hieroglyphs of these obelisks referred to a 
Trinitarian God and acknowledged the “Pre-lapsarian” wisdom handed down from 
Adam.  The obelisks recorded the ancient Egyptian longing to return to that 
religious wisdom of the contrite Adam, belief in the Trinitarian God and the 
waiting for the virgin birth of the Messiah. Until Fr. Kircher solved the 
riddle of the hieroglyphs, more than two thousand years had slipped away. When 
Caesar Augustus conquered Egypt, even the Egyptians had lost their knowledge of 
the secret priestly language.  
The Church embraced these prophetic obelisks.  Father Kircher coordinated the 
installation of the obelisk at St. Peter’s Square, and also the Bernini 
elephantine obelisk in front of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva Church. He translated 
the obelisk of the Plaza Navona. The fountain surrounding this obelisk has a 
plaque dedicated to Father Kircher. The theme of the Bernini fountain is taken 
from Fr. Kircher's book on the worlds water  / weather systems.

Some chapter headings:
Egypt: Fatherland of Paganism and Hieroglyphs
“Universal history” is the method of utilizing first the Bible and then other 
valid historical sources such as Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Greek, Jewish, 
Oriental, and other ethnic histories. “Universal history” was a distinct method 
the Jesuits used for two reasons: (1) to help the Jesuits develop in themselves 
a sympathy for the Pagan by understanding that we were all potentially in the 
same plight when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden.  (2) “Universal 
history” provides a clear, logical and historical teaching tool to convert the 
Pagans by explaining how they came to be living where they live, believing as 
they believe, worshiping as they worship and speaking and writing in their 
particular language.
“Universal history” begins with Adam and Eve. .........etc.  
.........There were three Hermes.  The original Hermes was really Henoch 
(Enoch). “And Henoch walked with God.”[1] Centuries years before the flood,  
Henoch built the first pyramids in what is now Egypt His pyramids were 
monuments dedicated to the pre-lapsarian wisdom. Hermes attempted to 
memorialize in perpetuity the pre-lapsarian wisdom that Adam handed down. This 
is no ordinary wisdom, but is that wisdom Adam had received from God by 
infusion, and also given directly to him by God prior to his sin.  Adam taught 
his children this original revelation. Henoch preached that humans should 
strive for this wisdom and to the return back to God.  “And Henoch walked with 
God in Cain’s city”. He built the original pre-flood pyramids, and permanently 
inscribed Adam’s pre-lapsarian wisdom onto them in hopes to lead mankind back 
to the original wisdom of God. But mankind did not follow. With the destruction 
of the world by God’s flood, Hermes’ pyramids of truth were lost forever.  
After the flood Cham’s descendents settled in Egypt. Though Henoch’s pyramids 
were gone, the foundations remained. On these very same foundations, a son of 
Cham named Misraim (Egyptus) and his tribe reconstructed new pyramids.

[1] Genesis 5.22

The Role of Astronomy, and How It Helped Convert China
Needless to say, Father Kircher was an astronomer and geocentricity expert. The 
Jesuits were able to show not only scientific proofs of traditional 
geo-centricity but also the theological tie-in to geo-centricity. For example, 
by comparing scientific research with Divine Revelation in researching the Ark 
of the Covenant, the Jesuits found that the Ark’s dimensions represented a 
fullness of a “four square” kind of universe. The Ark of the Covenant, and 
later, Moses’ high altar, and finally the inner sanctuary of Solomon’s temple 
reflected this universal fullness by square shapes (20 cubits high, 20 cubits 
wide, 20 cubits long)[1]. The dimensions of the universe were theologically 
placed in the designs of the temple.   

[1] 1 Kings 6:20 : “The interior of the inner sanctuary was twenty cubits long, 
twenty cubits wide, and twenty cubits high; he overlaid it with pure 

Most of the Jesuits followed the astronomical hypothesis of Tycho de Brahe, a 
contemporary of Galileo. Tycho de Brahe was Denmark’s Royal Astronomer. His 
biblical-conforming theory held that the sun orbits the fixed, immovable earth, 
and the planets orbited the sun in union with its daily orbit around the earth. 
If the Jesuits had the advantage of the astronomical discoveries of our day, 
(with the recent discoveries of more than fifty planets orbiting “nothing” - a 
black hole?), I believe they would have backed away from Tycho, and continued 
using the other biblically-conforming Ptolemaic / Aristotelian model with its 
ellipses and retro-grade motions The visible scenario of these fifty new 
planets (not in our “solar” system) orbiting “nothing” disproves Newton’s basis 
for rejecting Ptolemy. Once again, the retrograde motions of our planets can be 
confirmed in geocentric terms.  We could dedicate the rest of this paper to Fr. 
Kircher’s and the Jesuit’s geocentric defense of Scripture, but that is not the 
purpose of this paper. We will leave that subject for another paper.      . 

Before leaving this subject, we should recall that the suppression of the 
Jesuits was prompted by the “rights of man” illuminists and masons. When the 
Jesuits were suppressed in 1773 the Church lost her first line of defense in 
the “war of science against the Church”. The crime of their suppression is one 
of the worst in the world. Within one generation, the new “scientifically” 
educated youth embarked on wholesale revolution. The Reign of Terror in France, 
in 1796, was led by the first generation of non-Jesuit educated men. Every 
monarchy in Europe fell to revolution. Replaced with Republican, anti-Catholic 
governments, Europe was changed forever. South America and Central America 
followed suit. By the end of 1850, the Masons had revolutionized every Catholic 
country in Europe and the America’s. Science was “enthroned” as the state 
religion. Heliocentricity became “fact”; and the Galileo Award became the 
highest Masonic award for outstanding “citizenship”.  In order to understand 
the depths of our modern malaise, it is necessary to peel off the layers of 
fabrication. The early Jesuits knew what they were up against. They knew the 
truth. Let us learn from them.

China: Its Four Conversions, and Its Connection to Egypt
Father Kircher’s knowledge of China is most interesting. Did you know that 
China has had four Catholic conversions?  
China experienced its first conversion when the apostles St. Thomas, Phillip 
and Bartholomew introduced the faith to the East.
Christianity had continued from the time of the apostles even though it had 
been infected and suppressed in the 400’s by an influx of Arianism and 
Nestorianism. The Moslems came to western China in the 600’s.  In the 700’s 
Chinese Catholics had been practicing their faith in secret for over a century.
Father Kircher writes about a famous marble tablet discovered in 1625 in the 
City of Siganfu.  It had been buried for many centuries. This monument was 
carved in 782; it describes China’s history showing that in the year 636 
Catholic missionaries from Syria converted China.  This Syrian branch of the 
Church had great success in converting the royal family of the Tam (Tan) 
dynasty.[1] The Siganfu stone recalls that there were numerous crosses and 
Catholic churches and shrines throughout China.  

[1] Kings:  Tai 636 AD, Docao 651 AD,  Hiuen Cum Chi Tao 719 AD,  Sa Cum or 
“Ven Min 757 AD,  Tai Cum Ven Vu 764 AD,  Kien Cium Xim Ven Vu 781 AD,  Fuen 
Yam,  and Kings – Cao Cum, Ni Uen Cum, So Cum, Tai Cum Fu, and Kien Cum

Page 12 from The Scientific Illusion  Solange Strong Hertz  (conclusion)  
"......It is because heliocentrism destroyed the credibility of Holy Scripture 
that the biblical accounts of the world’s origins and future destiny are now 
rejected even by Catholic churchmen as fanciful stories invented by 
semi-evolved peoples, whereas the fantasies concocted by modem scientists are 
received as indisputable tenets to be universally believed until they are 
discarded or superseded.  
Small matter that evolution remains as unproven as the heliocentrism which 
ushered it in and flies directly in the face of God’s revelation that matter 
has no power whatever to produce anything of itself. As our Lord said, “It is 
the spirit that gives life; the flesh profits nothing” (John 6:64). The faith 
furthermore teaches that God created the world and every living creature out of 
nothing “according to their kinds” (Gen.1:25) in the beginning, and not by a 
long process. Far from expanding to limitless new horizons and producing ever 
new species, we in fact have God’s word for it that heaven and earth as we know 
them “shall pass away” (Matt. 24:35 ), being “reserved for fire unto the day of 
judgment” (2 Pet. 3:7).
In other words, two faiths are now confronting each other, the one held by 
those who believe in God and the other by those who believe in science, for 
science in our day has elevated itself to the status of a whole new religion, 
whose dogmas need not be proved empirically to be believed, but accepted on its 
word alone. This means that to defeat false science Creationists must be 
something more than mere scientists. Instead of meekly restricting themselves 
to the artificial terminology invented by the enemy and abiding by its 
arbitrary dictates, they must also be apostles of the one true Catholic Faith, 
boldly using the metaphysical, yet wholly scientific language of this Holy 
Faith, outside of which there is no salvation for science or anything else.
The Word of God must be re-admitted as the incontrovertible, bedrock evidence 
it really is, in the natural as well as the supernatural order. And why not? 
God’s Word is truth itself, the only actuality of which we can be absolutely 
certain in this world. It outweighs all natural evidence and supersedes all 
natural reasoning. Lying above and beyond every experimental datum, it 
automatically invalidates whatever contradicts it. Reassuring as it may be to 
discover physical evidence to support revelation, in the final analysis true 
faith demands that what God has revealed must be believed on His word alone, 
which can never deceive, even if all supporting evidence were lacking or 
As St. Basil said, “Let us prefer the simplicity of faith to the demonstrations 
of reason.” After all, like material creation itself, the end of natural 
science does not lie in this world. Borne aloft by the gift of Knowledge 
conferred by the Holy Ghost, scientists must look to the Transfiguration of all 
things in Christ-God if they are really to explain anything. That is the only 
direction in which the universe can be expanding from the here and now into 
limitless eternity, and it’s their duty to provide the tangible evidence for 
what is actually going on!

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