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Hmmm. Well I have to say that I, for one, did know this association. In fact, if you read my pages that use quotes from an interview with Harold Rosenthal ("Spilling the Ezraelite beans ..."), you will see that Rosenthal makes it clear (in 1976) that the Jews have infiltrated the media, legal, medical, banking and educational/scientific establishments. NASA was not mentioned by name then, but it has been pretty obvious since the '90s at least (although I did not see through the Jews until 2006).


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Do you not find it amazing that no one--like NO ONE--amongst all the truly smart and informed people out there who have made the connection between Jewish Control of global power levers, but yet are either ignorant of--or in denial of--Jewish control of modern man's "knowledge" base through their control of "Origins Science" via NASA et al?
There is no more rudimentary control over all peoples than control of their belief/conviction/faith in how the universe, Earth and mankind came to be.  We now know--or can very quickly learn--that the ruling Big Bang Paradigm of 15 billion years of evolutionism is an allegedly "secular" scientific Model that is not "secular" at all but is, rather, derived concept for concept from the "holy book" Zohar/Kabbala of the anti-Bible, anti-Christ Pharisee Religion. The facts behind this revelation are as inflexible as the multiplication table.  Moreover, the evidence of outright fraud in the fabrication of telescopes, cameras, redshift claims, physics, computer-programmed virtual reality simulations, etc., awaits all who can handle the truth.  Whether one works backward from the Big Bang maze of assumptions to the Copernican foundation of it all; or, one works forward from the clever but blatantly assumptive ( contra-scientific ) Copernican foundation right on through the known Kabbalist components of the Big Bang ( billions of years of evolution, heliocentricity, relativity, expanding universe...and recently, parallel universes and superstrings), the conclusion is the same.
That conclusion offers two and only two choices for all who discover the reality and scope of the Pharisee Deception. The two choices are these: One can stand on the side of the "creation scenario" which rests upon--and does not exist without--those 15 billion years of evolutionism. Or, one can stand on the side of the "creation scenario" which rests upon--and does not exist without--acceptance of the Biblical six-day creation and total denial of those billions of years of evolutionism.  Those who think the "theistic evolutionist" position is a third alternative, have only to declare whether the God/g'd they choose to follow is the God of the Biblical six day creation.  If they say "Yes", and add that they are followers of Jesus too, they must realize that it is not possible to have the Biblical Creator as their God if they accept evolutionism because He is the God who used no evolution whatsoever to create everything. The "theistic evolutionist" position is acceptable to the Pharisee religion which can co-exist with no g'd or any g'd one wishes to follow, just so long as the billions of years of evolution remain as the mechanism for creation one's choice of g'ds is fixed and unchangeable.  The only God that is taboo and emphatically rejected by the Talmud/Kabbalist/Pharisee religion is the one who used no evolution at all to create everything, i.e., the God of the Bible.
So, when all is said and done relevant as to which choice one can make after the Big Bang Pharisee evidence is confirmed and digested, two identities--and two alone--are open to all, viz.: One can stick with evolutionism, become a Pharisee, become an atheist or "theist" of some sort, and deny the Biblical God and Jesus. Or one can denounce evolutionism, become a Christian, and accept the Biblical God the Father and Jesus as those who had the resources to perform a six day creation as written.
This choice is the apotheosis of all truths relating to the control Zionism and Christian Zionism exercise, etc.  These many truths are straining to break into the open. And, as those already knowledgeable about many of those truths become ready to test this conclusion will readily discover, the factless Copernican Heliocentricity Model--an indispensable pre-Copernican Kabbalic concept--is the keystone of Satan's entire edifice of deception ( Babylon ).  This edifice--as written over 1900 years ago by that same no evolution Creator God--will be "overcome" just "one hour" ( 2-3 months ) after a Global Government is seated. Those who cannot receive a love of the truth will become overt Satan worshippers under that Government's leadership.  The false ( Kabbalist/Christian Zionist ) eschatologies ( pre-trib rapture Dispensationalism, Preterit Postmillenialism and historical Amillennism ) will be exposed in Babylon's Fall and the final months of this Old Earth ( Is. 65:17; 66:22; Matt.24:35; II Pet. 3:10-13; Rev. 20:11; 21:1; etc. ) will unfold quite predictably through the Seven Trumpet Plagues, the "little season" to the last day rapture ( I Thess. 4:13-18 ), general resurrection ( Jn.5:28,29; John 10:16 ), the Judgment ( Rev. 20:11,12 ), the eternal New Earth ( Rev. 21:1-7 ).
Am I claiming that irrefutable Biblical and scientific support for all this and much more is available at  www.fixedearth.com?
Am I claiming that the Bible alone is inerrant, sufficient, and infallible, and that Christ alone is the overcoming Leader seeking to have His "called, chosen, and faithful" ( Rev. 17:14 ) begin to unleash His WMD against the Pharisee control of "science falsely so called" ( I Tim. 6:20,21 ). 
The rest will unfold according to Him whose "works were known from the beginning of the world" ( Acts 15:16 ).

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