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  • From: "philip madsen" <pma15027@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 09:41:31 +1000

I am about to do a layman electricians look at the Dayton Miller, and MM 's 
interferometer experiments.  a rather comprehensive and sympathetic web site 
with some good photos is available for those intersted at, 

My chief critical concern is that such practical experiments are too 
miniaturised at light speeds to ever give sufficient accuracy necessary to mean 
anything. Much the same misgivings do I have re the gyrodrop experiment. 

But I will keep an open mind till I have finished the above study.  

In doing this study, if some of you are going to the site, it needs to be 
remembered the following concepts that can confuse us as well as the 
experimenter, and also those who adversely make comments. All of these people 
are definitively from the heliocentric grouping....even Miller. Our study needs 
to keep the heliocentric filter working. 
Points to keep in mind. 

1.    Can aether motion be detected? If so then, 
2.    Such motion may be caused by aether movement over a stationary earth, or 
earth movement through a stationary aether. 
3.    The aether may have its own special movement, which we may, even if none 
other does, consider as 24hour rotational around the earth. 
4.    The MS people only considered the result as related to two movements. 
earth rotation and earth orbiting of the sun.
5.    They left out consideration of their other sacred cow of an expanding 
universe big bang, or any other movement , such as the theoretical rotation of 
the sun in its spiral , around the centre of our galaxy. a speed which is 
considered to be considerable.   Considered to be considerable.. hmmm  er maybe 
considered to be very fast...  
6.    A null detection using radiation waves does not prove or disprove an 
aether effect either way. It merely proves what we know, ie that the aether is 
not a material fluid , and that normal wave mechanics applicable to a  fluid 
need not apply. 

Have fun, 

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