[GeoStL] Re: suspicious device and permissions again...

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"McMahan said that the incident was the third time the Conway Bomb Squad had 
responded to reports of a suspicious device to find a geocache."

Wow .. an epidemic.  Can you play Frisbee on that street corner?

But then again, it sounds like Conway, AK may have bigger issues ...

"While at the scene he said he was more frustrated with the motorists who 
drove around a fire truck parked across the road to block traffic than 

"If there's a fire truck parked across the road that means the road's 
closed," he said."

Well ..  I'll be darned. Firetruck across the road means the road is closed. 
As my daughter would say, "DANG"  ... learn something new every day. Do NOT 
drive around a firetruck.  I'll be darned.

A real challenge would be to place a geocache ON a firetruck and see what 


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From: "Glenn Nash" Subject: [GeoStL] suspicious device and permissions 

> -
>> Conway, Arkansas: "The Conway Police Department was notified of the
>> suspicious device by Ali Hamad, who was opening his gas station at
>> 2820 Prince St. at about 8 a.m. when he saw a car parked near Prince
>> Street and a person walking around a roadside bush for no apparent
>> reason. Hamad investigated the area after the vehicle left and found a
>> cylindrical object wrapped in brown tape that he feared may have been
>> constructed and placed with malicious intent."
>> That's right. Geocaching.
>> Read more here:
>> http://www.thecabin.net/stories/111608/loc_1116080012.shtml
> Your friendly Missouri Geocache Review team,
> Glenn (*gln) & Reviewer of the Cache (RotC)


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