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 The Complete GPS course is more of a tutorial on how GPS's
work in general  and some of the things that can be done
with them. The Geocaching 101 course is  specifically
directed toward Geocaching.  In neither class do we actually
 hunt "real" geocaches, but there are usually a group of
people who go out and  cache after the fact. During each
class we will go "out into the woods" and  hunt specific
things. In the Geocaching class, we will have several 
simulated caches to find. Additionally, there are always
people in  attendance who can give pointers and hints.
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Subject: [GeoStL] Question About Classes
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 My husband is working with someone who is  interested in
Geocaching. He already has a GPS and even attempted the
caches in  West Tyson over the weekend with not a lot of
success.  If I tell him to  take a class should he skip the
March 29th class, the Complete GPS Course, and  check out
the April 12th class, Geocaching 101.  Would he pick up any
user  pointers at the GPS class? Do you do any caches at
that class?  


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