[GeoStL] Picnic Auction Item... Firewood?

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 23:25:05 -0500

Could I get some feedback on this please?

If we offered "Cut your own firewood for a season" for the auction would anyone 
be interested in bidding? 

 Of course, you'd have to travel about 80 miles from South County to our 
property, but essentially you'd be able to take  2 large pick-up  loads for the 
08-09 fireplace season (perhaps more if you're nice and my husband learns to 
like you  heh-heh). You could come between now and the winter and cut and stack 
it to dry better, or come in the fall and cut and take it with you as you go.  
There are enough downed trees that it's ready for this season. We'd set 
something up and my hubby would probably  be there cutting for my parents too 
and he usually rents a splitter. If you wanted to make an overnight of it you'd 
be welcome to camp.  Before the price of gas got high it could be a pretty good 
deal -- who knows, may still be.  I know people in West County who paid $100+ 
pick-up load. It may be more than that this winter because of the price of gas.

Does this sound like something that would go over at the picnic auction? If so, 
I'll donate it, if not ..  then ..  I won't lol.  If there's no feedback, but 
you may be interested in, then contact me offlist and we'll work something out 
for a SLAGA donation. 


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