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 IMHO-in my humble opinion
CU-see you
LOL-laughing out loud
Mike Griffin wrote: - Newbie Guide to Caching Lingo This is a quick
referenceto some of the words you will see in log entries, forum chatter and
logbook entries. This is designed for a new cacher. FTF First to Find FFD
First Finder's Dance MIA Missing in Action OCW Out Caching With (As in OCW
Brawny Bear) T - or (T) Took (an item) L - or (L) Left (an item) TB Travel
Bug GC Geo Coin TN Took Nothing (TNLN or TNL Froggie TB) LN Left Nothing
(TNLN) SL Signed the Log TFTC Thanks for the Cache MOGA Midwest Open
Geocaching Adventure (Huge Event each year) GC.COM Short for Geocaching.com
Muggles Non cachers close to the area of the cache. Muggled Non cacher
seeingyou hunt for the cache LTF Last to Find FTL First to Log (Meaning the
first finder has not logged the cache on GC.com) BTHOM Beats the heck out of
me. (Often heard while hunting the cache in groups) RGS Name often
associatedwith hard caches. Verb and Noun (It's a real RGS) XITAQUA
(She-TAH-kwa) as in "pulling a xitaqua." Caching in a group without a GPS or
not turning on your GPS. Following the group to a cache. STO Searched the
Obvious (As in "STO with no luck") NF No Find or Not Found DNF Did Not Find
BLNT Better Luck Next Time (Often a reply from RGS) J WTC Where's the Cache?
IPS In Plain Sight (Cache is in the open) FOC Found off coords (Meaning the
cords were off - IE: FOC 75 feet) This is just a few you might hear from the
SLAGA group. There are others but, I just wanted to share these with
everyone. Please add others to this list.. Mike Tired of Spam?? Here's your
solution.. See: http://www.spamarrest.com/affl?4001050[1]
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