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it was a lovely day. as you can tell by the rain, I was off today.

Bright and early in the AM I showed up at the apple store with new IMac in hand. "I am here to swap out this 2 week old IMac for one of them there newer & faster ones"

OK... easy deal.

"Here ya go and . . . oh look, you get $53 dollars back." and "Your "apple genius" just moved all the stuff to your new computer , here's your new receipts and your money back."

Super sweet AND everything looks just as it did when i unplugged the old one this morning. Even the the WINDOWS xp install inside VMWare Fusion Virtual machine that runs all the windows stuff) works like a champ.

 I like this apple stuff. :-)

Then i went to lunch with Jo and then I took my youngest back to hes place downtown and dropped off all my old computer stuff.

Just got home. Getting ready to eat some chocolate cake.

I hae to work tomorrow so I suspect that the sun will be out and it will be a great day.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and thoughts.


Hobbit Taz - charter wrote:
Ill second that!
    Hope you had an enjoyable one

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