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I guess I really don't know you well enough to ask if they would be the slackers or the workers eh?

We were told by several people (the guy who owns the ice cream shop and the lady who owns the ferry) that someone from St.Louis moved up there and built a $3 million bed and breakfast and antique store. Based on how they described it, where it is etc. We THINK it may be this place here: http://www.dapple-gray.com/ we think ...
Are these your relatives too ...  'cuz???  LOL


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Some of the people that you mentioned may have been
some of my relatives.  We have a number of relatives
that live between Houghton and Copper Harbor.  The
number 1 place for Pasties is a small store in
Laurium.  I have spent many weeks over the years in
the UP sledding during the winters.  It is a beautiful
place year round.

Glad you enjoyed your time up north.

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Yeah ..  that's right. WHAT was I thinking.. HOW
could I confuse -baga
with -barb.  Oh wait.. let me think... both are able
to produce icky shivers
in a single bite.

I can't believe you guys LIKE those things. Eeeewww
.  We had them at
Muldoons in Munising-- voted NUMBER ONE pasty in all
of daUP. (Everything in
the UP has a #1 designation of some kind.)  The
sweet ones filled with a
half bushel of apples and several pounds of sugar
weren't too bad. The crust
was awesome.  Ate the crust and then used the
filling, which still held the
crescent shape on it's own, independent of the
crust, as a tie out weight
for big yellow dog.  Worked like a charm.

We had Wal-Mart chemical infused rib-eyes cooked on
an open flame, Keweenaw
Mountain Lodge steak and a variety sandwhiches and
food from crockpots in
Copper Harbor.   "The" place to eat in EagleHarbor
was closed. That was ok
because we were full from the single can of soda and
bag of coconut
haystacks split 4 ways  picked up at the  mine  LOL.
  That was just enough
energy to fill our pockets full on unusual-to-us
lake shore rocks.

We had no idea really what to expect when we headed
north, but now I want
EVERYONE to vacation along the southern shore of
Lake Superior at least
once.  I think any one of the 4 of us (mean dog
included) would go back at
any time. Beautiful beaches, friendly people,
swarming, biting, flies. ..  I
may have posted this here .. but ..  "the" guy who
owns "the" gas station
and "the" dive shop in Copper Harbor even offered my
husband a job as a
snowmobile groomer LOL.  He's also "the" groomer
boss. They need five and
have four -- one is lazy and goes two hours into the
trail, sleeps 4 hours
and then comes back; and another just can't get the
hang of parking the
finicky grooming machine and every time he pulls
over to do something
("rest" or retrieve a casualty) he forgets to park
it up hill.If it's not
parked up hill then it won't start,  so has to call
for help.  "The" guy
assured hubby that you can make a good living at it
(they groom 20/24 hours
a day) and he would probably, in no time,be "Head
Groomer".  Of course the
Copper Harbor winter population is 24 and this year
THREE of those 24 will
be students in the one room school house.  Usually,
if someone brings their
camper to stay in he can hook them up with a spot to
park it, otherwise,
someone is usually glad to rent a cabin and most
prices include enough wood
to last the winter.

There were some awesome caches up there that got us
out to points that we
would never have found all on our own. We were
surprised at the several that
were also placed on private property one had a  ROT
13 message of
"Geocachers Permitted" under the "No Trespassing


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> -
> That Pasty does not contain rhubard, it contains
> rutabaga.  Pasties are good.  I can remember many
> times stopping in Laurium or Calumet, picking up
> pasties and heading north to either Eagle Harbor
> Copper Harbor for a picnic of pasties and a swim
> Lake Superior.  It is part of the UP.
> Jeff
> --- tnsl <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> -
>> I think those were all wiped out with the
>> of the pasty --a
>> practically inedible glop of meat, potatoes, and
>> everyone's favorite:
>> rhubarb cooked  in a hand held  flaky pastry

>>  Left overs were thrown into the garbage and
>> scavenged by the now never seen
>> Hodags -- which could also explain the lack of
>> and Bigfeet -- all
>> wiped out by gastrointestinal distress from
>> indigestible pastys. Good thing,
>> that just left more trenary toast for everyone.
>> http://www.trenarytoast.us/
>> Sort of wish we had seen the one in the cowboy
>> boots:

>> Unfortunately we missed the cudighi. I  think I
>> slept through that town.
>> Now that I think about it, I lied. We did spend
>> several days going
>> http://www.fremontjellystone.com/ and coming
>> http://www.jellystonewarrens.com/ with a rather
>> large green-hatter
>> tie-wearing, pick-a-nick-basket-stealing brown
>> And, because my daughter just discussed this with
>> her British home-school
>> (resource) teacher during the world history
>> this link is a freebie
>> (and now where near the UP or Northwoods, but
>> IS a geocache there)
>> http://www.carhenge.com/
>> Nancy
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>> > -
>> > Did you see a Hodag?
>> >
>> > The Hodag is over 7 feet long and 30 inches
>> It
>> > has bristly hair and spikes along its backbone
>> > tail. The vise-like jaws will crush anything
>> unlucky
>> > enough to get near the Hodag's menacing tusks
>> > needle-sharp claws.
>> >
>> > It was first seen in 1896 in Rhinelander,
>> Wisconsin.
>> >
>> > Jeff
>> > --- tnsl <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >
>> >> -
>> >> We spent two weeks looking for BigFoot.  We
>> >> the same two weeks looking
>> >> for a bear too. So far as we know, neither one
>> >> exists.  We didn't see either
>> >> one. And, not from lack of trying --  took a
>> >> night time rides down the
>> >> "two tracks" (aka snowmobile trails) into the
>> >> protected, public forest.
>> >> Nada. No bears, no big feet -- only stinky dog
>> along
>> >> for the ride.
>> >> Although, there were two different nights when

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