[GeoStL] Re: Man dies after fall while caching

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You're not old. :)


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Yea, exactly. I quit caching alone when I did an unplanned solo walk to rock 
pile mountain. No one knew I was there. It occurred   to on the way back that 
if I slipped and sprained my pancreas or something, NO ONE  would find me for a 
very long time. Now I do such things with RGS.  People can then find two old 
farts lost in the woods. :-)


Via iP-4s

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I read that a few days ago. What was amazing is the police didn’t really get 
involved until they found his car.. That’s why it is best to cache with 
someone. Remember the guy in San Antonio who went for his first cache and 
slipped into a creek. He couldn’t get out because the banks were too steep and 
died of exposure. If someone would have been with him, he would still be 
caching today.
Remember when Mean Gene fell off the cliff at St. Francois state park? He had 
Rolsch with him but who knows what would have happened had he been on his own..
Always cache with someone if you can…
Brawny Bear
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