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Are you giving them time to settle in or what?

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This is the last call for Bugs and Coins that need to go anywhere via GW. We leave Thursday morning at 7:00 am so I would need to get them packed by Tuesday at the latest. Let me know and I will be glad to take them with me and personally hand them off to a person going close to where they need to go.

I know people going to France, Germany, Guam, and many different states, that have all said they would take bugs with them.

As always, there will be many people from different places so finding someone from wherever can be really easy. Just shoot me an email and I will be glad to haul them with me.

There is an event every day except Sunday. Heck, there might be one on Sunday too. We will cache all day and attend the events at night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and come home Tuesday. We have 800 caches on our list to do although we know we won't get too many done each day. We will be more into sightseeing and picture taking than finding another LPC. There is one area just east of Beale AFB that was once a proving ground not open to the public that has many caches. It looks very arid though. We might be able to drive to most of them as there are tracks going everywhere on the sat photos.

Anyhow, GW6 looks like it will be a great time. Can't wait to attend and see old friends from around the country.


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