[GeoStL] Re: Ammo Cans?

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I don't think a geocacher will hesitate when finding a ammo can as finding
one is expected.  It is a non-cacher stumbling upon one that could be the
problem.  But like I said, it is simply my opinion and I've been told IL is
not planning on allowing them on state land.

I like Dollar General for containers.  They usually have promo packs where
you can get 3 or 4 for a couple bucks.  I've had some problems with some of
my containers, but the Dollar General promo ones have worked well with very
few problems.  The biggest problem is people putting too much stuff into

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> O.K. folks, lets buy these and cut out the sides and replace them with
> plexiglass and seal them with silicone and past the geocaching explanation
> form on the face of them. No, really, I have thought about the terrorist
> aspect of it and too be honest it does scare me a bit with all
> the old Iraqi
> regeime suddenly being unaccountable for. I don't plan on not doing any
> caches that use ammo boxes, I'll just be carefull when opening them.
> Pointing the top away from me. As for myself, unless some one
> else comes up
> with a better container I will continue to use ammo cans for the caches I
> put out, at $3.00 each they beet high priced plastic that can get
> chewed up.
> If you find one and you're worried about it just don't mess with the
> container I wouldn't have a problem with some logging one of my
> caches that
> didn't open it as long as they actually found it. Not sure what the policy
> is on that though. My point is if you find one and are worried leave it
> alone.
>     HereFishyFishy ( Greg )

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