[gecko-devel] PHP package is done -- waiting for sysvinit/mysqld package beforeposting.

  • From: "Matthew J. Sahagian" <gent@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gecko-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 15:09:28 -0500

I've takent he go ahead and compiled the static PHP binary necessary for 
processing system configuraiton steps.  While this was supposed to be Effigy's 
job, I'm making the assumption that he's not going to be doing much in terms of 
Gecko Development.  I'm having a few issues at the moment getting MySQL to run 
correctly on the hosting DB server that we'll use to design the database.  Once 
I get that done I'm going to begin doing database design.  The rc.wrapper 
script should be done by the end of next week as I'm working on that at 
LinuxWorld.  The rc.wrapper script obviously depends on the database design, so 
in the mean time I'll be doing some of the DB design on paper using tables in a 
word processor.  This is just so I can get an idea of what information will 
have to be read by the rc.wrapper script and where it will be read from.  With 
the exception of the syvinit code, the system should be in a semi-bootable 
state by February.  In order to test this I'm going to simply use a standard 
svinit and hack up the inittab so that our mysql daemon gets run and such.  
Until the sqlfsd is done (and by that requirement sqlfs) we'll have nothing to 
start there.  However, since those are used ONLY for traditional filesystem 
support we shouldn't need them to boot, as the PHP scripts rip the information 
right form the database.

Project Manager,
Matthew Sahagian

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